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How RV Nomads Set Up Seasonal RV Travel Routes And Find Places To Stay Where The Temperatures Are Comfortable

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By Curtis

As an RVer, the whole point of having wheels under your residence is that you can always be in comfortable and (hopefully) pleasant weather.

Native American tribes migrated with the seasons — both for weather and often to follow their source of supplies. Where the buffalo went, they were sure to follow. Are we modern day RV nomads all that different?

It’s one thing to be on vacation — or even upon retirement to travel and see this huge country. But once you’ve seen a good share of what nature has to offer — and as you get older and maybe have taken the edge off your wanderlust — staying comfortable without making long journeys makes a lot of sense for many RVers.

There is also the issue of finances. Let’s face it, constant travel is getting more expensive every year.

My Seasonal RV Travel Routes

Having been an Arizona nomad for a number of years, I’ve established an annual RV migration route that suits my routine:

Flagstaff, Arizona is a popular summer RV destination for those looking to remain within Arizona. At 7,300-foot elevation, seldom do the temps get beyond the low 90’s. Even then, it’s only for a few hours in the afternoon — and it cools down quickly as the sun sets. There is plenty of National Forest camping all over northern Arizona.

Between BLM land camping  (Bureau of Land Management) and National Forest camping, there are many places where you can stay put for 2 weeks at a time for free. That’s right — no charge. The 7-month permit for the LTVA is $180, but that includes a dump station, water source, and dumpsters. That’s pretty cheap rent for the year, and your yard is measured in acres! There’s no being sandwiched in like sardines — like it often is when you stay in an RV park.

This video shows what my RV camping spots are like:

Apps RV Nomads Use To Set Up Seasonal RV Travel Routes

To find all this free camping, the following apps can help you plan your own seasonal RV travel routes:

Of course, if you’re traveling across the country, and just looking for a place to spend the night, there are apps that will locate RV-friendly Walmarts, truck stops, casinos, and rest areas:

Locating a dump station in unfamiliar territory can also be a problem for RV nomads. No need to worry, there’s an app for that too! Here’s how to find dump stations as you’re traveling:

Those are just a few examples of the RV-friendly apps that are available on your smartphone. You can go to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and search for whatever your specific needs may be.

The Bottom Line

Staying within a reasonable distance of Walmart and other sources of supplies makes “following the buffalo,” (so to speak) a whole lot simpler using Google Maps and other resources found on your smartphone.

Your own seasonal RV travel routes can be as varied as you want them to be.

This coming year, my plan is to wander further out of Arizona and see some sights I still have on my bucket list.

That’s the beauty of being RV nomads. You can stay put when you want to and wander as you choose.

Most of all, you can usually find weather that is both comfortable and enjoyable throughout the year — which is the whole point.

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How RV nomads plan their seasonal RV travel routes - the best RV apps to use!