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I got a good deal on a camper and couldn’t wait to take my first RV trip! But there are a few things that I forgot to pack - these 8 must-have RV supplies!

How RV nomads plan their seasonal RV travel routes. These are the best RV apps to use when following 70-degree temps is your main goal. Find places to stay!

Here are the 3 best RV apps that every RVer should have. These are the best apps for iPhone and Android phones to make RVing so much easier!

RV speedometer in your old motorhome doesn't work properly? Step-by-step instructions to replace your speedometer / odometer with a modern GPS speedometer.

Whichever method you choose for planning your next RV roadtrips -- mapping software or a GPS unit -- you won't regret it. And the best part? You'll never get lost again! Here are the pro's and con's of both, road mapping software and GPS units.

Need help planning your next RV trip? When we are RVing, I'm always the navigator. To simplify the trip planning process, I always go to the computer and use the Microsoft Streets and Trips software program. Here's why I like their mapping program...

Initially, we used a 'regular' GPS unit when driving in our RV. But we quickly learned that most GPS units -- including ours -- were not very accommodating of RVers' needs. So I did some research and found the top 3 GPS units that are RV-friendly.

Get your free road map from the National Scenic Byways Program! Here's how...