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Keto On The Go For RVers: See How A Full-time RVer Does Keto While Traveling (His Easy Keto Meals For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

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By Curtis

Type 2 diabetes was my main motivator for following a Keto diet. What I perceived as being mildly overweight was a secondary reason to take my diet seriously — even when I’m on the road.

Curtis fulltime RVer

Having been diabetic for 19 years, my insulin resistance had progressively gotten worse — to the point my doctor was prepared to add a second level of fast-acting insulin to my current daily slow-acting insulin shot (in addition to the many pills I also required).

For some reason, that was my epiphany moment. Over the next 6 months, I completely overhauled how I looked at food and what I was eating.

Keto is all I needed to get completely off insulin and reduce my pill form medication to only one type of medication. The bonus: I lost almost 50 lbs with very little physical effort!

My RV Keto Diet

Keto is a very low-carbohydrate diet where the goal is to lower your daily intake of carbohydrates — pretty much down to the point you can count the grams per day on your fingers.

That’s right, to be totally committed to Keto you try to take in around 10 grams of carbohydrates per day. Personally, I’m not that committed. Since I’ve reached my weight goals, I now try to aim for less than 50 grams of carbs per day.

I live fulltime in my travel trailer and try to eat as normal as I possibly can. This is my home. I need to eat a balanced and healthy diet to maintain good health.

Just because I’m in an RV doesn’t mean that snack foods and quick-to-fix processed foods are part of my daily routine. As much as possible, I prepare my meals from fresh products and food staples that would be considered home-cooked from scratch meals.

Here are some good ideas for eating Keto while traveling and how to Keto in a camper.

Easy Keto Diet Desserts

When I first started Keto, I craved sweets — that’s the downside of having too many carbohydrates in your diet.

So, for the first few months I looked for Keto-friendly desserts that allowed me to treat myself every so often without falling off the wagon.

My favorite Keto dessert uses this simple almond flour pie crust recipe. I can make rich coconut cream pies that taste every bit as good as any you could find made elsewhere. The only difference is this Keto version has:

  • 2 carbs in 1 serving of the crust
  • 5 carbs in 1 serving of the sugar-free instant pudding
  • 0 carbs in the generous portion of whipping cream on top

Practically free sweets like this have no effect on my blood sugar levels.

And this Keto-friendly coconut cream pie recipe works perfectly with any flavor of sugar-free instant pudding — which is good for variety. (Pistachio is one of my favorites.)

Keto coconut cream pie

After 6 months of being fairly consistent in observing the rules of Keto, I seldom crave (or even consider) sweets anymore! Yep… even I was surprised.

Fortunately, I enjoy good food just as much as I have enjoyed sweets all my life — and I can honestly say I no longer miss sweets or any of my previous starch-heavy meals.

Here’s a list of foods that you can (and can’t) eat on a Keto diet.

Keto Snacks On The Go

It’s good to have Keto-friendly snacks on hand for when company comes by though. I usually keep peanuts or almonds on hand.

Almonds are considered a “superfood” — and on the Keto diet, almonds are always a safe bet.

However, I stay away from the flavored ones like cocoa roasted almonds, or coconut roasted cashews.

You see, not all nuts are created equal. After processing, these tasty bites can have 5 to 10 times the amount of carbs — or more.

So, choosing plain roasted and salted almonds and peanuts keeps the carbs to a minimum!

Here’s a list of 50 Keto snacks.

Keto-Friendly Pasta

To address a craving for pasta, I opt for zucchini noodles topped with sauce.

Keto pasta - zucchini noodles

A Zucchini noodle cutter can be purchased at Walmart for around $10. Remember:

  • Most sauces and gravies amount to only a few carbs — so going heavy with the sauce is a good thing.
  • Ground beef or chicken pieces will add more substance to the meal without adding any carbs!

Here are 24 Keto pasta recipes for all your carb cravings.

Keto Burger Options

I’ve found that a quick dinner for two can easily be made with a couple of pre-formed hamburger patties from Walmart.

The downfall to hamburgers is not the meat — it’s the bun.

A simple low-cost hamburger bun can contain 25 carbs or more. And those very tasty bakery buns… that’s like eating a cup of sugar straight up!

The bottom line: white bread is worse for you than sugar — as far as its effect on your blood sugar.

Here are 37 bunless Keto burger recipes.

And when you’re not in the mood for burgers, tacos are a great low-carb alternative.

See how I make Keto tacos:

Keto Salisbury Steak Recipe

To dress up a plain burger patty, just combine a little beef stock, onion, and mushroom to make a gravy — and turn a burger into a salisbury steak!

Keto burgers - salisbury steak recipe

Here’s how:

  1. Fry up the burgers while you’re sautéing some onions and mushrooms in the same pan.
  2. When the patties are almost cooked, combine 1 cup of water (with a bouillon cube or two dissolved in it) and 1 teaspoon or so of cornstarch — mix together well.
  3. Simmer your homemade gravy with the beef patties until the gravy reaches your desired thickness.
  4. Add a serving of broccoli or cauliflower on the side, and you have a practically carb-free dinner for two that beats the heck out of a burger!

Here’s another Keto salisbury steak recipe.

Here’s my quick & easy 10-minute Keto salmon recipe:

Keto Holiday Recipes For The Road

So what happens during the holidays?

A turkey dinner with all the fixins is super simple to prepare in your RV!

  • A Walmart 3 lb turkey breast with gravy packet will be the star of the meal.
  • Bake some sweet potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • Mix up a nice salad.
  • And if you go easy on the stuffing and cranberries, you won’t ruin your Keto diet.

Keto holiday dinner on the road

I usually doctor up some regular Stove Top Stuffing with sautéed celery, onions, and a handful of chopped walnuts. If you want to be really fancy, you can add a few dried cranberries.

Just go easy on the berries — because dried fruit is a no-no on the Keto diet. And remember to keep your servings of stuffing on the small side.

Here are 60 Keto holiday recipes.

Easy Keto Breakfast

Eggs and bacon are zero carbs!

Breakfast is one of the easiest meals to make and feel fully satisfied.

Keto breakfast - bacon and eggs are zero carbs!

Here are 30 easy Keto breakfast recipes that will keep you full all day.

The Bottom Line

Staying faithful to a Keto diet means juggling your carbs on a daily basis.

If you’re planning a big meal for the day, mid-afternoon is better. You’ll want to skip a traditional lunch or supper and eat heavier in the afternoon.

I look at the whole day ahead of me and decide before breakfast how I want to eat around my carb limitations. Whenever I find myself going overboard on carbs for the day, the answer is a nice green salad for supper!

It’s really not all that hard to eat properly. You just need to stay committed and make quick Keto meals on the go — or choose the right foods when you’re eating in restaurants.

So yeah… you can stick to Keto on the road. Being in an RV makes little difference at all! Keto is a mindset that after a few months will become as natural as getting up in the morning.

How do you get Keto on the go? Here's how I do it...

So… that’s how I stick to Keto on the road. How do you eat Keto on the go?

See how another fulltime RVer ate himself out of Type 2 diabetes.

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