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Have you always dreamed of traveling in an RV? Before you buy one, you might want to rent one first. At the very least, make sure that you know the differences between the various types of RVs (travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes) and all the RV classes (Class A, Class, B, and Class C motorhomes). Here, RVers are sharing tips for choosing the best RV for your needs and things look out for when buying or selling an RV for full- or part-time travel.

My top 2 choices for our next RV would be a 25-foot fifth wheel trailer and a teardrop trailer. Here's why these RVs are tops on my list...

It's easier -- and safer -- to buy a new car these days than it is to buy a new or used RV in many cases. Here's why... and what to look for.

Here is some helpful information about buying Airstream trailers and restoring Airstreams, as well as tips for enjoying a classic travel trailer such as an Airstream.

Bought a used RV? It's NOT ready for a road trip just yet. Here's your checklist of 10 things to do before hitting the road in a secondhand RV.

You can save money on taxes if you buy an RV! See the IRS tax deductions for RV owners. (And if you run a business out of your RV, the RV tax deduction is even greater!)

I built a Class B motorhome from a cargo van. This is the 1st article in my DIY RV camper van conversion series: How to choose the best cargo van for an RV conversion.

RVers share personal experiences & tips for renting an RV. What you can expect when you rent, RV rental costs & fees, where to rent an RV near you, and more

A lifetime RVer's thoughts on buying a teardrop camper vs. building one yourself vs. renting a teardrop trailer. However you do it, a teardrop is a lightweight RV that's easy to tow!

Before you buy an RV, you should know what your trade-in is worth, and what the RV you're interested in buying is worth. Here's how to determine RV prices and values.