RVers Can Enjoy Free Camping In Quartzsite Arizona


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Head to the desert and enjoy some free camping!

Yep, that’s part of the draw at Quartzsite.

Snowbirds from up north head down and stake their claim to a piece of open BLM desert land for up to 2 weeks at no charge.  Zero, nada, nothing.  That’s what it costs if you are self-sufficient and can boondock without needing a resort swimming pool close by.

If you are planning to stay the season, for a modest fee you can set up camp at one of the LTVA’s (long term visitor areas) that are within walking distance to all the activities.

You can have your mail sent to Quartzsite in care of general delivery. Returning visitors often have their mail sent to Blythe or another nearby town where lines are shorter. We combine grocery shopping with picking up mail with much less hassle.  Source


Fun Things To See & Do At Quartzsite

There are all sorts of ongoing activities and events throughout the winter months in Quartzsite, Arizona.

An RV Show, a Hobby, Craft & Gem Show, and the Largest Flea Market In The World are just some of the most popular things to do at Quartzsite.

Why do those thousands of RVers come to Quartzsite in the winter? Warm weather and the many shows and swap meets! Beginning in 1967 with the first Pow-Wow Gem and Mineral Show, Quartzsite has grown to the point where today 12 main shows plus a variety of special events attract visitors. The “season” runs from November to March with the main shows in January and February.  Source


What It’s Really Like At Quartzsite!

It’s been said that Quartzsite is like Woodstock for RVers.

Here are a bunch of personal reviews of Quartzsite.


This video gives you a better idea of what Quartzsite is like:


Here’s another insider’s perspective on Quartzsite:


This video highlights one of Quartzsite’s more interesting characters.  Check out Naked Paul’s Used Book Emporium and see if free camping is enough to have you joining the half-million other people that come every year!


More About Quartzsite RV Camping

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