Can Freezing Temperatures Harm The LCD TV In Your RV?

Liquid when allowed to freeze expands, distorts, and even cracks.

There is a liquid-based material within the screen of LCD TVs. Will it be damaged overnight in freezing weather? Worse yet, if left in storage through the winter where temperatures can get bitterly cold, will an LCD flat-screen TV survive?

All About RV Covers, Tire Covers, Windshield Covers & Dashboard Covers

RV covers not only protect your motorhome from the sun’s rays, they also keep your RV cooler inside, and they allow moisture to escape while being stored for long periods of time. Here’s what to look for in terms of RV tire covers, windshield covers, dashboard covers, and covers for the entire exterior of your motorhome.

RV Faucet Repair: How To Replace The Kitchen Faucet & Shower Fixtures

Rebuilding or repairing the standard water faucet on your RV just isn’t worth the effort. Most likely, you won’t be able to obtain seals or parts anyway. Instead, your money and time are better spent upgrading to a quality unit from a name brand that provides replacement parts and seals. It just isn’t that expensive to do it right.

How To Repair A Burst Water Line In An RV

What do you do if you turn on the water pump and immediately see water running out onto the floor? After you have located the spot where water sprays out, you need to determine what type of fittings or hose will be needed to make the repair. Here are tips for fixing the water pipes in your RV.

10 Common RV Repairs The Average Do-It-Yourselfer Can Fix

Unfortunately, in the RV world some RV components have a higher failure rate than what you find in the average house. This is due to weight issues, cost restrictions, and of course exposure to the elements. Here are the top 10 RV repairs you can fix yourself.