Preparing Your RV Battery For Winter Storage Will Prevent Expensive Damage

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Winterize Your RVThe first thoughts that usually flash through every RVer’s mind when the first frost of winter comes along are:

There are visions of frozen pipes, expensive damage, and lots of dollar signs — because to wait one day too long could be very expensive!

However, when it comes to winterization, the RV’s electrical system often gets overlooked.  You need to know that batteries can freeze, plates can warp when ice forms, and cases can split and leak acid all over everything.  Preparing your RV batteries for winter storage is just as important as protecting the water system.

My personal preference is to bring the RV batteries into a heated environment and charge them up a couple times during the winter months.


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5 thoughts on “Preparing Your RV Battery For Winter Storage Will Prevent Expensive Damage

  1. one thing missing-how to keep the chipmunks out of the engine compartment. I’ve already winterized and put a full cover over my 30 ft class C and today I spotted a munk coming out from underneathe the cover. this past spring it cost me $600.00 because he decided to camp out by the air and fuel module .I’ve done the dryer sheets and I just ordered an outside guardian. we’ll see what that does. thanks

  2. newbies at this. have class a holiday rambler 1990 with 454 chevy. the engine battery will not hold a charge. put in new altenator. how do we start tracing a short somehwere?

    had an extra tail lite under the back window that lost its cover. disconnected it and now have no reverse lights. turn on headlights and now the rt blinker light stays on but not blinking. can you help at all?

    1. Rose &* Bob, First, is the battery any good? Second are you sure something isn’t left on that is draining the battery. If your motorhome sits for long periods maybe you need to install a battery disconnect switch to stop it from draining. There are a lot of variables that would be impossible for me to know over the internet. I think you need to find professional assistance.

  3. If I winter in the rv and use the battery, then is there still danger for it to freeze? It’s a 2002 fifth wheel. tks

    1. If you are living in the RV And I am assuming plugged into shore power Or even solar power there is no danger of the battery freezing you will be fine.

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