RV Water Pump Problems & Solutions

by Curtis

Longterm RV Storage, Water Pump, Winter And Snow

RV water pumps are usually pretty trouble-free.

One of the most important things you can do as an RV owner is to drain your RV water pump each winter before storing it for the season.  Winterizing your RV’s water system will go a long way toward preventing any problems from occurring next spring.

Fortunately, if your RV water pump does fail, diagnosing water pump problems is fairly straightforward.

Here are some common RV water pump problems:

  • If your pump makes a lot of noise, here’s how to quiet a noisy RV water pump. (More tips here and here.)
  • If water starts running out onto the floor as soon as you turn on the pump, then you might have a burst water line instead. That’s just one of many possible problems you could face if you don’t get all the water out of your system before the freezing temps hit this winter.
  • If you’re wondering whether you need to run the RV water pump when using city water, the answer is NO.  You do not need to run your pump when hooked to another water source.  It’s used to pump water out of your RV’s fresh water holding tank when you are not hooked up to city water.

Need to replace your RV water pump? Here’s how to do it in an older RV: