8 RV Hacks To Quiet The Noises Inside Your RV

Nothing will wear you down faster than a long day of RV driving with banging and clanging going on behind you. Random RV rattles and squeaks can drive you crazy! Fortunately, most RV noises that are created by road travel can easily be quieted with a simple RV hack. These are the ones that work best!

RV Resale Value: 10 Things That Increase The Value Of Your RV

RV resale value is a tricky thing. Because RV dealers are looking for trade-ins that still look like they just drove off the lot last week. And personal RV buyers may not have the same appreciation for what you think looks good inside an RV, or for the add-on features that you believe enhance RV life on the road. That said, there are a few things you can do to get more money for it when it comes time to sell your RV! Here are 5 ways to get a higher trade-in value from an RV dealer + 5 ways to get a higher RV resale value when selling your RV privately.

Used RV Values: 10 Things That Decrease The Value Of Your RV

See how much your RV is worth (RV values explained), plus the top 10 things that decrease the value of your RV. The biggest takeaways here are: 1) Seriously consider every single change you want to make to your camper BEFORE you make it, and 2) Evaluate the degree to which that change could be detrimental to your RV’s resale value (because not everyone will appreciate what you happen to like). So… pick the best RV for your needs from the get-go. Then, get out there and use it (rather than keep it parked). Take care of your camper… and use it!

How Long Does An RV Last? See The Life Expectancy Of Everything Inside Your RV

Just like the items inside your house, RV components have a certain life expectancy. Following is a list of all the items in and on your RV — and their expected lifespan. Items are listed in the order they are most likely to wear out, with time ranges showing the approximate number of years each item typically lasts. The list includes all major RV components — from the drivetrain and electronics to slideouts, roof vents, toilets, refrigerators, and more! A checklist of RV repair issues that you should be prepared for + DIY tips to make things last longer.

DIY RV Dinette Replacement: How To Make Better Use Of Your RV Living Space By Removing The RV Dinette!

For me, the 3 most important items inside an RV are: a decent bed, a decent shower, and a decent kitchen. You’ll notice that an RV dinette is not on that list! Since a dinette is not an item that I use, I decided to remove it myself. Here’s how I tackled the RV dinette replacement myself… and put a comfy recliner in its place!

RV Seat Belt Laws By State + Tips For Keeping Children Safely Restrained While RVing

Do you have to wear a seat belt as a passenger in an RV? Do kids have to wear RV seat belts? See what’s legal & what’s not. Plus, what’s safe for children and adults riding in the back of RVs. Since most RVers travel between states, it’s important that you know the RV seat belt laws in each state.

How To Remodel RVs & Motorhomes Yourself (…See How I Renovated Two 5th Wheel Trailers)

Is it time to remodel your RV? Oh, how I’ve enjoyed remodeling RVs and travel trailers… Here are my best tips doing the RV renovation yourself. Plus where to find RV parts & accessories, and RV renovation companies that will do the work for you if you like.


RV Captains Chairs: What To Do If Yours Are Badly Worn + Ways To Enhance Your Current RV Seats

Are your RV captains chairs starting to look old and worn? Perhaps they’re simply faded from the sun, or they don’t have as many features as you’d like — such as seat positions, recline, etc. Here are lots of RV seat covers to choose from, plus some RV seat enhancements that could make your ride more enjoyable.