All About RV Covers, Tire Covers, Windshield Covers & Dashboard Covers

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rv-cover-that-failed-by-curtis.jpg We’ve all seen RVs that are between 5 and 10 years in age.  The paint color or graphics have faded or become cracked.  The fiberglass exterior has a chalky milky look to it that makes it appear old and unappealing.

Upon closer inspection, the tires are all cracked; even the cords are visible.  This can’t be safe.

Those sun-baked tires will fail in no time once you get up to highway speeds.  Obviously, that’s a very dangerous situation.  The worst part is you may not see any damage on the tire when you start out.  You see, continuous sunny days will let ultraviolet rays do the damage, taking the flexibility out of the rubber compounds.

If your RV spends its life in the southwest, the sun there is even more severe and damaging.  Window shades and interior fabrics will fade rapidly, then become brittle, and finally they will literally fall apart.  Sitting on a sun-damaged sofa may even split the material wide open.

Florida camper under coverThere are a number of products on the market to help you protect your valuable RV from sun-related damage.  Some are better than others.

Of course the best idea would be to store your RV in a garage, completely protected from the elements.  But for many, this isn’t an option.  The next best solution is an RV cover.


Heat-Related Damage

RV covers do more than protect your rig from ultraviolet rays.  They also help reflect infrared rays away from your RV — keeping it cooler.

One of the most damaging weather-related problems with RVs is excessive heat.

When in storage, all closed up, the temperatures soar and anything plastic suffers.  Shower panels get brittle, they may even crack the next time you step into the shower.  Vents, refrigerator handles, toilets… it’s surprising how much of your RV is made of plastic.  All of these items are adversely affected with prolonged exposure to excessive heat.
Damage From Moisture

With your RV enclosed in a quality cover designed specifically for this purpose, moisture can escape as the cover itself breathes, keeping your RV dry.

RV covered with plastic tarps for weather reasons.On the other hand, plastic tarps can trap moisture which allows rust to set in.  Plastic tarps don’t hold up very well either. In no time, your motorhome could be unexpectedly exposed and looking like it’s been abandoned for years.


More Reasons To Use RV Covers

Dust, dirt and even chemical action won’t damage your RV while it’s covered.  Not to mention the fact that acid rain, bird droppings, and other things that could discolor the finish on your unit will not be able to penetrate the protection of a good RV cover.

In addition to full-size covers that protect the entire exterior of your RV, travel trailer or motorhome, here are the types of covers you need:

An RV with tire covers and windshield covers in place while being stored under an awning.Tire covers can provide the same level of protection to your valuable tires.  Changing out a set of sun rotted tires on a Class A motorhome can cost up to $2,000.  A set of tire covers will set you back less than $100.  You tell me if it makes sense to protect those tires that your family depends on to take them safely across the country.

Windshield covers will protect your plastic dashboard from cracking and splitting.  They also help to eliminate those pesky ultraviolet rays that want to destroy your plush captains chairs that adjust 6 ways, as well as vibrate and heat to keep you extra comfortable while driving down the road.  Not all motorhomes come equipped with privacy curtains across the front.  A windshield cover will also close you up to prying eyes.

Dashboard covers are tailored carpet pieces that will protect your plastic dashboard from the sun.  Bonus: dashboard covers also make a great spot for your favorite cat or small dog to ride along and enjoy the view.  Our dog Rascal loved the broad flat dashboard of our Bounder and rode there every time we hit the road.  A dashboard cover will give your four-legged friend a comfortable spot that isn’t slippery, plus it will keep your dash looking like new.

You’ve got a lot of money invested in your recreational vehicle.  It only makes sense to protect it so it retains as much value for as long as possible.  The small investment of protective covers will keep your RV looking fresh and new for many years to come.  Not only do you get the enjoyment of a nice looking unit, you’ll also see a big difference in what dealers will offer you when it comes time to upgrade to the next level.