Thanksgiving On The Road… Turkey All Around

carving-the-turkey-by-mrs-bennettar.jpg If you’re a fulltime RVer without a home or a full-sized kitchen, you may be thinking that Thanksgiving will fall by the wayside this year. 

But just because there are wheels under your residence and your address is ever changing, there’s no reason to give up the best meal of the year!

With a little planning, your undersized kitchen can produce everything you’ve prepared for past family gatherings. 

Find A Turkey Pan

When you down-sized from a house to an RV, chances are the limited storage in your RV meant your favorite turkey roasting pan was sold in a garage sale or donated to Goodwill. 

Good news: Every supermarket in the country carries throwaway foil pans designed for one-time use.  Pick one that fits in your oven and a bird to match. Before you know it, the aroma of a roasting turkey will have everyone anxious for dinner! 

RV Cooking: Turkey Tips

making-mashed-potatoes-by-mrs-bennettar.jpg Instead of the all-day cooking and baking event of past Thanksgivings, the task may need to be spread over a couple days — due to reduced cooking capacity. 

Pumpkin pie keeps just fine for a day or two and the microwave can be used to reheat the side dishes when the turkey’s done.  

Many RVs come equipped with a perfectly usable oven beneath the stove top.  It may be a bit smaller than what you had back home, but it’s quite capable of roasting your turkey dinner to perfection.

Most of the microwaves in RVs are convection style microwave ovens with heating coils, allowing you to brown the food just as if you’d baked it in the oven.  You can still make some fresh hot dinner rolls with ease.


Preparing Turkey For Lots Of People

Are all the relatives coming to visit you on Thanksgiving Day?  If nothing less than a 20 lb. bird will satisfy the crowd, you still have options. 

deep-frying-turkey-by-atonal.jpg Electric turkey roasters aren’t very expensive and can handle just about the biggest turkey you can find.  I’ve used one myself and can confirm they will produce a roasted turkey you will be proud of.  With a toaster oven on the counter, you can cook up all your favorite side dishes. 

Want smoked turkey, or even deep-fried turkey?  If so, your outdoor barbeque or turkey deep fryer can be called to duty and you can take the cooking outside.  I’ve been told there is no turkey that is more moist than one that has been deep fried in peanut oil.  

With all these different ways of cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, there’s no excuse for skipping Thanksgiving this year.  All it takes is a little imagination to get the job done in smaller spaces and tighter quarters. 


Other Options For Thanksgiving Dinner

If you just don’t want the bother of cooking the Thanksgiving dinner yourself, you can still enjoy a great feast. 

Restaurants nationwide consider holidays the best time to show their stuff.  Since the Thanksgiving holiday is primarily centered around food, it’s considered their prime time.  A quick check of the local paper will direct you to many opportunities to enjoy a freshly prepared Thanksgiving dinner.

And many RV resorts consider the Thanksgiving weekend as their end-of-the-season spectacular, throwing full-fledged feasts (or maybe potluck gatherings) to celebrate the season.  Just ask around.

No matter where you find yourself this Thanksgiving, even if it’s just you and your RV, don’t let the holiday pass by turkey-less! 

Help Somebody If You Can

If your travels are taking you through a metropolitan area (or even many smaller cities), consider donating your time to serve those less fortunate. 

There are charities and civic organizations everywhere that put on banquets to feed those with nowhere else to go.  There is no better feeling than to help others — especially during the holidays.

Just ask around to learn about special opportunities where you can help make the Thanksgiving holiday more enjoyable for someone else.  Along the way, you may find that you made your own holiday more memorable for yourself as well!

volunteer-servers-by-IndyDina-and-Mr-Wonderful.jpg volunteer-serving-dinner-by-IndyDina-and-Mr-Wonderful.jpg volunteers-soup-kitchen-by-IndyDina-and-Mr-Wonderful.jpg

Curtis Carper

Curtis Carper

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