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RV Christmas Decorating Tips

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By Curtis

christmas-decorations-by-johnthurm.jpg It’s time to put the pink flamingos away and bring out the Christmas decorations.

Every year, while driving down the highway you see semi trucks with Christmas wreaths attached to their front grill.  It’s a small way to indicate the Christmas spirit exists within the cab of that truck.

Good news: Just because you’re spending the Christmas holiday on the road in your RV doesn’t mean you can’t decorate just as extravagantly as you have in years past.  In fact, there a lot of things you can do that wouldn’t even be possible back home!

Here are some Christmas decorating ideas for RVers…

Get Noticed!

Most motorhomes are equipped with generators.  Why not decorate the exterior of your RV with lights and take a tour around the city?

While you’re driving and caroling through the neighborhoods, your rolling light show will add to the festivities.  What better way to deliver Christmas gifts to friends and relatives than to drive your own Christmas float right up to their house?!

RV Christmas Decorations

rv-campsite-holiday-decorations-by-gruntzooki.jpg Rope lights are easy to install and much less likely to get tangled in storage.  Available in both 110 volts AC and 12 volts DC, so even if you don’t have a generator you can still light up your RV.

Smaller Christmas trees will fit well inside your RV.  Whether real or imitation, by choosing a Christmas tree in a size to fit whatever space you have available, it will become the centerpiece of your living area during the holiday season.  If dealing with a large Christmas tree is more than you want to contend with, then consider a table top tree.  They come either fully decorated or plain for you to add your own personal touch.

When decorating your Christmas tree, you may want to include some RV ornamentsEbay has a good selection of Christmas ornaments that look like miniature RVs.  You can even order personalized RV Christmas ornaments that you can also give as gifts.

If you wish, you can even incorporate your favorite pink flamingos into your Christmas scheme. Perhaps they’ve become a signature item for you after leaving the cold and frosted North.  How about sending out pink flamingo Christmas cards to make everyone jealous that you’re enjoying warmth and sunshine during these cold winter months?

And don’t forget, there are lots of creative ways to decorate your campsite for the holidays!

Videos Of RVs Decorated For Christmas

Here are a bunch of videos featuring RVs decorated to celebrate the holiday season.