See Why Heavy Duty Trucks Are Best For RV Towing With A 5th Wheel Trailer

by Curtis

5th Wheel Trailers, Towing

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rv-towing-with-hd-truck-by-soulrider222.jpg Towing large heavy 5th wheel RVs pushes most 1-ton dually pickups to the max.

When was the last time your truck was pushed too far out into the intersection because you tried to stop a little quicker than usual?  I bet it wasn’t all that long ago.

Have you ever considered setting up a used Class 8 heavy duty truck as your next tow vehicle?  Seriously.  This is the way to go if safety is a high priority for you.

Here’s why you might want to do your RV towing with a heavy duty truck (HDT), otherwise known as a semi truck or toterhome:

  • You can get a used semi tractor for around $25,000 with about 500,000 miles on it.  That’s only mid-life for commercial heavy duty trucks.
  • At 25,000 miles a year, it will outlast you.
  • Rated to handle a gross weight of 80,000 pounds, the heaviest 5th wheel trailer won’t hardly flex the suspension.
  • Speaking of suspension, it’s air ride.  Driving comfort is better than any 1-ton pickup truck.
  • You have all the conveniences that your pickup truck has: cruise control, front and back air, you may even have a bed and refrigerator — if you get one with a condo sleeper.
  • You’ll never fear running out of power on long hills again.  The standard diesel engine is rated at 500 HP.
  • With all its extra capacity, you can build storage space, water tanks, or whatever you need behind the cab. How you convert your HD truck is up to you.

You may want to give this some serious thought.  Improving your safety on the road by towing with larger truck might be a wise investment for you.


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