Full Time RV Travel Dilemma: Should You Keep The House Or Sell It?

by Curtis

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So, you want to get into full time RVing.  The big question now is, do you sell the house, or keep it?


That’s a question many, including myself, have had to wrestle with when the urge to hit the road sends you packing.

First off, those around you are going to think you’re crazy.  It just comes with the territory when you’re about to do something that is considered by many to be an alternative lifestyle.

Once the idea has settled in, the issue about keeping versus selling the house needs to be looked at thoroughly and seriously.

These are the kinds of things you need to consider before you explore full time RV travel:

  • If the money you have invested in your house is required to purchase an RV, then your choice is already made.
  • Are you completely confident that full time RVing will be a satisfactory way of life for you? Have you taken extended trips together in such a confined living space?
  • Would you be better off renting out your home for a year to give yourself time to be sure this is the life you want to lead?
  • If you leave your home unattended, the mortgage payments, utilities, and insurance bills still need to be paid. Have you considered that in your budget?
  • Most standard homeowner insurance policies require the property to be occupied by a homeowner.
  • If you rent out your home, who will be around to take care of maintenance issues?
  • What happens if the housing market declines while you are away? Could you accept the financial loss?
  • Most on-the-road jobs pay far less than what you would earn at home. Can you afford both an RV and your vacant home?

Personally, we had the For Sale sign out in the yard the day we made the decision to get into full time RV travel.


It was a no-brainer because with no existing bank roll to finance this crazy idea, we sold everything we owned to create an RVing nest egg sufficient enough to head out.

It was a great experience going from numerous mortgages and loans to being completely debt-free with money in the bank!

We headed out and never looked back.  That was 15 years ago, and though we had some skimpy times, overall it was a decision we never regretted.