How Hidden Electrical Connectors Cause RV Breakdowns… Like The Day My RV Air Conditioner Went Out


Living full time in a 22-year-old motorhome presents all sorts of challenging situations that will have you scratching your head and often wondering where to turn next. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about what makes my 1993 Pace Arrow Turbo Diesel tick, and what it takes to keep moving on down the road. Imagine it being the hottest day on record in the past 18 years, and in the middle of the afternoon the air conditioner quits. It was just like someone turned the switch … [Read more...]

A DIY RV Windshield Sun Shade Idea: Reflective Bubble Wrap Insulation Makes Your Motorhome Much Cooler Inside Without Running The AC!


One downside to RVing in the summertime is this: You may have little or no say as to which direction your motorhome is pointed when you're parked in an RV campsite. So... If you have to point the nose toward the east, then you'll have to deal with sun steadily heating up the inside of your RV all morning. And if have to point the nose toward the west, then the afternoon sun is going to blast through the RV windshield, making you feel like toast in no time. Of course, parking in … [Read more...]

Your RV Entertainment System: What You Need To Know About RV Antennas, TV Signal Boosters & Satellite Receivers


Your new RV may come with a wide variety of electronic entertainment devices. For example: Entry level RVs typically include a TV, an AM/FM receiver, and a DVD player. High-end RVs can be many times more complex with all the latest gadgets and gizmos like dropdown flat screen TVs, surround sound systems, and auto-tracking satellite receivers. Most of the audio and visual devices on RVs are exactly like the ones that you have at home. Therefore, they require little in the way of … [Read more...]

RV Batteries & Alternators: The Easiest Way To Check Your RV Charging System


The worst sound you can hear when traveling is the click, click, click of the starter not turning over. That sound indicates that your RV battery is dead, and you’re not going anywhere. The time to think about this is before you leave town -- not when you’re stranded along the side of the road. Fortunately, a little preventative maintenance can help you avoid breakdowns when you least expect them. Here's what you need to do...   … [Read more...]

Cheap RV Living: How I’ve Managed Living In An RV Fulltime On A Modest Income


Have you considered living your life on the road and traveling wherever you want as a way to make the most of your retirement years? But then reality strikes and you think to yourself, "How can that kind of life be financially doable?" I’m a fulltime RVer. My 36-foot, 20-year-old motorhome is my only home. I travel most of the time. When I need a break from life on the road, I rent a spot at an RV park and stay put for a month or more. Living this way I've found that -- even with … [Read more...]

Choosing The Right RV Tow Dolly So You Can Tow A Car Behind Your Motorhome


Most motorhome owners will consider towing a car with them when traveling. That way you don't have to close up camp every time you want to do a little local sightseeing or run to the store for a quart of milk. There are a number of things to consider when you're choosing the right RV tow dolly. Though they are all similar in how they work, not all tow dollies are created equal.   … [Read more...]

RV Computer Desk: How To Make A DIY Computer Workstation For Your RV Office


Many new RVs come with a convenient little desk or designated spot already installed that makes online life quick and easy when you're on the road. But there are many older RVs still on the road without this handy built-in feature. If you have an older RV, you can install a simple -- and inexpensive -- gadget to make your digital life on the road a whole lot better.   … [Read more...]

How To Remove An Unwanted RV Ice Maker


Our recent purchase of a pre-slide out motorhome reinforced the fact that empty space is a valuable asset onboard an RV. For example, the living room barely allows for people sitting on the sofa to avoid knocking knees with anyone sitting in the recliner across the aisle. This being a higher-end coach in its day, some 20 years ago, it’s equipped with a few amenities that aren't necessarily appreciated by everyone. For us, the standalone icemaker is one such appliance. Being the size of a … [Read more...]

Need New RV Carpet? Here’s How To Install Carpet In Your Motorhome Yourself


If you have an older RV like I do, then you'll likely agree with this: years ago, RV manufacturers had some strange ideas about color when it came to carpeting in RVs! Combine old-fashioned carpet styles with the effects of long term exposure to sun, and you've probably got RV carpeting that's less than desirable right now. After careful consideration of other flooring material options, I decided to stay with carpeting because it: is relatively quick to install is cheaper … [Read more...]

DIY Electric Brake Controller Instructions: How To Wire Electric Trailer Brakes & Lights Without Damaging Your Car!


For decades, hooking up trailer lights and electric brakes on most cars meant splicing into the wiring harness near the back bumper and just adding the extra load of trailer lights and brakes to the car’s electrical system. However, today’s vehicles are refined to the point that adding a few extra lights can cause fuses to blow, wires to melt, and possibly even lead to total electrical failure. My own experience had me frying the wiring going to the car’s brake light switch like it was a … [Read more...]