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How To Safely (And Legally) Tow A Car Behind Your Motorhome

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By Curtis

When you tow a car, there’s a lot more to consider than just dropping the tow bar hitch on the ball fastened at the rear of your motorhome.

You’re also accepting liability for whatever might go wrong, should something happen with that driverless vehicle that’s just a couple feet behind you.

  • Do you have proper safety equipment? (like safety cables)
  • Do you have proper lighting at the rear of your toad? (car in tow)
  • Do you have a method of applying the brakes on the car in tow? (It’s required in many states.)
  • Is your towed vehicle properly insured? (It’s the law.)
  • Do you have a way of monitoring your towed car? (such as a rear view camera)

Of course, there’s more than one way to bring a car along on the trip.  You need to know how to pull a toad with your motorhome, including:

  • the proper use of a tow dolly
  • how to place your car on the trailer
  • how to provide braking for what you have hitched to your bumper without modifying the toad

If all this seems like a lot of bother, there are some advantages to renting a car when you get there instead of towing one everywhere you go.

This introductory video gives some insight as to what you need to know in order to safely flat tow a car behind your RV:

Here’s a video on how to dolly tow behind your motorhome.