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The Importance Of Routinely Washing & Waxing All RV Exterior Surfaces

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By Curtis

Keeping your RV exterior clean, shiny, and looking like new is going to take some effort on your part.

Oxidation will dull the finish over time, making your RV appear older than it really is.

The following tips will help you make the project of washing and waxing your RV exterior surfaces more manageable, while protecting your investment at the same time…

RV Exterior Maintenance

Remember this isn’t the family car.  You must take certain precautions to keep your RV in good working order and looking its best.

These are my best tips:

  • Hand washing is best for RVs because a power washer or car wash may be too strong and damage the finish.
  • Only use RV industry approved cleaning agents and waxes.  Stronger automotive cleaners may damage the finish.
  • No matter what products you choose, try them on a small test spot that won’t show first.  That way, you can make sure they won’t damage the finish of your RV.
  • Use a soft automotive brush for scrubbing your RV.  One with an extending handle makes it easier to reach all the areas of your RV.
  • Wax your RV on a regular schedule.  If the project is too big to be done all at once, then just do one side each month.
  • A power polisher can be useful on RVs — just be careful not to get too aggressive with it.
  • Use extra caution when waxing around RV graphics that are basically tape applied to the surface.

Maintaining your RV exterior will help keep your pride of ownership nice and high.

It’s also the best way to keep money in your wallet, because you want your RV to look its best at trade-in time.  (Everyone knows the ugly ones go to the back row and never seem to get sold.)

The guys in this video sure make washing the RV exterior look like FUN!…