RV Driving / Towing Tips


3 Must-Have RV Apps: These Make Life On The Road So Much Simpler!

Until recently, I’ve been of the mindset that my simple little flip Tracfone was all the cell phone I would ever need. I found the minimum 60 minutes airtime every 3 months sufficient for my needs. Paying more than Tracfone’s $7 a month seemed an extravagant waste of money. When I traveled cross country and needed Internet […]

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Repairs & Add-Ons


RV Refrigerator Repair 101: How To Diagnose Problems With RV Refrigerators

Most RV owners have little understanding about how the refrigerator works beyond turning it on and switching between gas and electric operation. When the beer feels warm and the butter is melted, then it’s time fill the cooler with ice and make a last ditch effort to save the food. The one thing you need to […]

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Before You Buy An RV

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Living In An RV


RV Living 101: If RV Travel Is Your Passion, There’s Always A Way!

It’s been suggested that I write about what I’m most passionate about. For me, that would be traveling this great country of ours. The U.S.A. has more to see than you could possibly cram into one lifetime. Ideally, most of us would love to leisurely amble about the country in an ultra deluxe motorhome sporting all […]


RV Catalytic Heaters: Yes, They Can Be Used Safely While RVing

If you travel in your RV during the fall and winter months, then you need to ensure that you will stay warm and comfortable throughout your journey. Are you planning on spending more than one night stationary? If so, do you have adequate battery power to operate your on-board furnace? If you run your forced-air furnace […]

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Things To See & Do


Fun RV Hobbies: What’s Your Favorite RV Hobby While Traveling?

When you hit the road in an RV, there’s a new adventure around every corner. Sightseeing itself is a fun pastime — or hobby — for most RVers. But beyond that, how do you really spend your time in an RV? Especially if you’re a fulltime RVer, there will likely come a time when the […]


RV Resorts, RV Parks, RV Campgrounds… What’s The Difference?

So you have the phone number of an RV-friendly place to make reservations for your next RV trip. Do you just nail down a date and price, or is there something else you should inquire about? Truth is, how an RV facility labels itself should tell you quite a bit about what you can expect […]

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