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Choosing The Right RV Tow Dolly So You Can Tow A Car Behind Your Motorhome

Most motorhome owners will consider towing a car with them when traveling. That way you don’t have to close up camp every time you want to do a little local sightseeing or run to the store for a quart of milk. There are a number of things to consider when you’re choosing the right RV tow dolly. Though they are […]


3 Must-Have RV Apps: These Make Life On The Road So Much Simpler!

Until recently, I’ve been of the mindset that my simple little flip Tracfone was all the cell phone I would ever need. I found the minimum 60 minutes airtime every 3 months sufficient for my needs. Paying more than Tracfone’s $7 a month seemed an extravagant waste of money. When I traveled cross country and needed Internet […]

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Before You Buy An RV

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Living In An RV


Cheap RV Living: How I’ve Managed Living In An RV Fulltime On A Modest Income

Have you considered living your life on the road and traveling wherever you want as a way to make the most of your retirement years? But then reality strikes and you think to yourself, “How can that kind of life be financially doable?” I’m a fulltime RVer. My 36-foot, 20-year-old motorhome is my only home. I […]

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Things To See & Do


Fun RV Hobbies: What’s Your Favorite RV Hobby While Traveling?

When you hit the road in an RV, there’s a new adventure around every corner. Sightseeing itself is a fun pastime — or hobby — for most RVers. But beyond that, how do you really spend your time in an RV? Especially if you’re a fulltime RVer, there will likely come a time when the […]


RV Resorts, RV Parks, RV Campgrounds… What’s The Difference?

So you have the phone number of an RV-friendly place to make reservations for your next RV trip. Do you just nail down a date and price, or is there something else you should inquire about? Truth is, how an RV facility labels itself should tell you quite a bit about what you can expect […]

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