Make Your RV Inviting Again By Replacing That Old Tired RV Furniture

by Curtis

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The quickest way to make a well worn travel trailer or motorhome look new again is to replace the old RV furniture that has become faded or sun damaged.

Often the basic framework is still solid, therefore taking your RV to an upholstery shop so they can redo it with fresh fabric is usually all that’s required.

Any RV dealer can order you replacement RV furniture through a number of sources. This can make for a nice upgrade in quality as well.

My personal favorite is to just tear it all out and buy new furniture at a local home furniture store.  It’s a whole lot cheaper, and it’s not that hard to find a way to attach it to the floor so it doesn’t move around.

Nothing will make your wife happier than to tell her “Let’s go furniture shopping.”  My wife is always after me to tear out the dinette every time she goes into our travel trailer.

Videos Showing How to Replace RV Furniture

Before you start with the hammer, these videos will give you some valuable pointers about replacing your old worn out RV furniture: