How To Find Dog Friendly Accommodations When You’re RVing (My Best Tips)

by Curtis

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If you’re going to be RVing a lot and you have a dog, then you’ll probably want to take your dog with you on some RV trips (… if not all of them).

That means, you’ll want to find dog friendly accommodations on occasion.

I mean, you don’t want to keep your best friend locked up in the RV all day (with the generator running of course, if it’s hot outside).

Plus, there are many places you’ll want to go for the afternoon or evening where pets just aren’t allowed.

Not Everywhere Is Dog Friendly

RVing with your dog (or whatever pets you might have) is so much better than RVing without them.

Unfortunately, some RV campgrounds and resorts may just plain turn you away when they see your gentle-as-a lamb Great Dane standing with his paws on the dashboard looking out the windshield of your motorhome.

Fortunately, there are lots of RV campgrounds, resorts, and state parks that are happy to provide dog friendly accommodations for pet owners.

Finding Dog Friendly Accommodations

It’s definitely worth the effort to find dog friendly accommodations whenever possible.

One thing is for sure: by ensuring that your dog is going to be welcome wherever you travel, you will have a much less stressful and much more enjoyable trip.

And let’s face it, every now and then, you may want to do something or go somewhere where dogs just aren’t allowed.

The trick is finding RV campgrounds and resorts that provide a kennel area where you can keep your dog so he will be comfortable while you’re away.

Find dog friendly RV parks and campgrounds.

RVing With My Dog

I know whenever we had to leave our little Pomeranian alone in the RV, he would stress out big time.

Just being left alone while I would go in to pay for gas was slightly traumatic for him.

Having a secure and safe kennel available with food, water, and good ventilation made all the difference for him.  He was happier, and we would be free to go out to dinner — or the Casino — without him.

Our pets are like our children. The small effort required to find dog friendly accommodations just makes sense. After all, they deserve to be happy too.

Examples Of RV & Dog Friendly Accommodations

This video of 2 dogs enjoying the KOA RV campground’s fenced in pet play area is a good example of pet friendly accommodations that many RV resorts provide.