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Transporting RVs: What To Expect If You Decide To Be An RV Transport Driver For Hire

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By Curtis

checking-out-the-rvs-available-for-transporting.jpg Ready to fill out the application to be an RV transporter?

Does the idea of traveling at someone else’s expense sound pretty good?

With any luck, transporting RVs could provide a nice side income as well.

Before you sign on the dotted line, you might be interested in knowing what you can expect from the job, plus what they will expect from you…

Expectations Of RV Transporters

First of all, you’ll need to maintain a professional appearance and attitude at all times, especially when arriving at the RV dealership or dealing with anybody that would be considered a customer.  This includes all dealership and factory personnel.

Timely delivery is always required, as specified when you receive your shipping papers.

The RV must be CLEAN — inside and out — when you arrive at your destination, You will be expected to take the unit to a car wash if it has any accumulation of bugs, dirt, or road grime.

Remember, the buyers are expecting a new unit.  Using any of the RV’s appliances or bathroom facilities is absolutely not allowed.  You usually are allowed to sleep in the RV, but you will be required to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow, with the understanding that any existing bedspread or pillows will be carefully removed and stored before using the bed.

Dealers are very fussy about the newness of an RV, and any indication that something has been disturbed or soiled between the factory and the dealership can result in the RV dealer refusing the unit.  If an RV is refused because of unauthorized use or damage, your driving career may be pretty short.

Usually, only one person at a dealership has the authority to inspect new units when they arrive.  That person may be a manager, or even the owner.  But if that person isn’t immediately available, you may be required to wait — however long it takes.

Rest assured, once the RV dealership signs your paperwork indicating that the unit is in good order, the dealer can no longer go back against the RV transport company, if any unseen damage comes to light.

You’ll be working as an independent contractor. Meaning you’re not an employee of the transport company; you’re self-employed and selling your services to the transport company.  No taxes will be held back from your income. It will be your responsibility to maintain proper records and settle up with the IRS at tax time.

When you receive your RV shipping papers, you will have the option of receiving a portion of the freight charge up front to cover the cost of fuel and travel expenses.  If you run low on money during the trip, you may be allowed to have money wired to you, as well.  The remainder of your pay will be settled up upon return — usually at a regular payday interval.

Maintaining a good working relationship with the RV transport company is to your benefit.  As time goes on, if they find you to be a reliable efficient driver that is always ready to work and you’re willing to go anywhere, then they will be more likely to do everything possible to keep you busy.

If you make a habit of being unavailable, or rejecting trips because they don’t appeal to you, then they will most likely pass you over on good profitable trips and choose other drivers who want to make money.  You see, some RV drivers only want a trip or two a month, and making a profit isn’t their motivation.  For them, getting the cream of the crop jobs really doesn’t matter. It’s more important to just get a ride whenever they feel like taking a trip.

If you’re serious about making money as an RV transport driver for hire, then you will need to be available anytime, and willing to go anywhere.  You’ll also want to have all of the equipment necessary to handle any type of rig that the transport company might need you to deliver.

The more adaptable you are, the more you will work and the more money you will make.  It’s completely up to you.

When I first started out as an RV transport driver, it all seemed a bit overwhelming.  But after one or two trips, it quickly becomes routine and comfortable.  Soon, you will start to feel like you’re on a perpetual vacation.  By taking your time and asking a lot of questions, your road to success as an RV transport driver will come easily.