See The Country Without Spending A Dime – Become An RV Transport Driver

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What could be better than traveling the country in a brand new RV?

I’ll tell you what is better:

  • Eliminating the expense of buying the RV is better.
  • Removing the cost of fuel, insurance, and upkeep for the RV is better.
  • Avoiding the outlay of cash for meals along the way is better.

Impossible, you say?  Not when you become an RV transport driver.

New motorhomes and travel trailers don’t magically appear on RV dealer lots.

RVs are driven cross-country by independent contract drivers — from the factory to the RV dealer’s showroom. Sometimes this is a distance of only a few hundred miles, while other RV deliveries can be 2,000 miles or more.

You can’t expect this to be a lifetime career though — because there just isn’t enough money in it.

Your average RV transport driver is someone who is semi-retired and looking to supplement an existing income. Many RV transport drivers are totally retired and are just looking for a way to travel without the expense of ownership. They aren’t all that concerned about generating an actual income.

What you can expect is to have all of your expenses covered, with maybe a little left over when you get back home. (That’s assuming you didn’t blow your profit on a plane ticket for the return trip.)

Getting home is the biggest problem. Those miles aren’t paid, so finding the cheapest way to travel is a must.

Here are some of the companies around the country that hire RV transport drivers on contract:

This video describes how transport drivers work:

Horizon Transport - Recruiting