Leaving Your RV In Arizona? Then It Must Be Registered There

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3922953341_c92fac46d7_b.pngQuartzsite Arizona is a favorite winter RV spot for hundreds of thousands of snowbirds who are desperately seeking relief from the bad weather back home. 

At Quartzsite longterm friendships are made, annual reunions take place, and returning year after year is a common occurrence for RVers.

Over time though, that annual trek to the southwest becomes more of a chore. 

The trip isn’t nearly as fun as the time spent at Quartzsite, so many are finding it easier to leave their RVs parked in the desert sun year round.  Then, they return when the festivities start back up in late fall, only to fly or drive north again by early spring.

However, you should know that Arizona has some quirky laws and one of them applies to RVers…


One of them is this:

If an RV stays in the state more than 6 months, the RV must be registered in the state of Arizona

There are financial repercussions if you try to ignore this bit of legislation. 

Oh, and yes they do actually come looking to make sure you have Arizona tags!

(So don’t say I didn’t warn you.)


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