Fun Ways To Use Toy Hauler Trailers When RVing

by Curtis

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rv-toy-hauler.jpg One of the most versatile rigs on the road today is the toy hauler.

Built with the rear portion designed as a garage, a toy hauler allows you to bring along all the toys that will enable you to combine camping with your favorite hobby.

Whether it be an ATV, dune buggy, or motorcycle, whatever your favorite outdoor toy is a toy hauler can tote it safely!

This past weekend I saw a large triple axle 5th wheel toy hauler backed up to the water’s edge. They were unloading a boat off the end of the dropdown ramp that made up the rear wall of the trailer.

Where is the camera when you need it?

Even owners of motorhomes have latched onto the toy hauler idea. While still maintaining the level of luxury expected in upper level motorhomes, you can step through a door going toward the rear and walk into a sizable garage space with a full rear wall dropdown  ramp.

How cool is that?



Types Of Toy Haulers

In the trailer market, toy haulers started as specially designed fifth wheel trailers.

With fold-up sofas and queen beds that raise up out of the way near the ceiling, the majority of the trailer is then open space for transporting your mechanized equipment.

Some are even equipped with a gas fueling station on the outside to top off your gas-powered toys before venturing out & about.

Even traditional bumper pull travel trailers for RVing are now being built as toy haulers.

There is one more class of toy hauler available: the utility cargo trailer with living quarters. Designed to be more rugged, these are popular with racing teams and other professions where the need to haul equipment and provide living space requires a dual-function portable residence.

There is one more class of toy hauler: the horse trailer with living quarters. Being able to take your favorite horse with you on a weekend outing is mandatory for those involved in the equine hobby.  And it’s even more important if you make your living around horses.

Ways To Use Toy Haulers When RVing

rv-toterhome-and-toy-hauler-trailer.jpg Many people live on the road for extended periods, taking their job with them in these dual purpose RVs.

I met a young couple a few years back at a Provincial Campground in Banff Alberta, Canada.  They were traveling throughout Canada selling handcrafted furniture.

They would take samples into a town, make the sale, then return to the campground. They had all the furniture disassembled to maximize the quantity that they could transport with them. After spending a few hours assembling the furniture they would make their delivery to the customer. Once they had saturated the market in one city, they simply hitched up and moved to another area and set up shop again.

Just think of all the ways you could make a living from one of these rigs! You could set up the garage space as a workshop for a number of project: woodworking, sign making, jewelry making, you get the idea. You could make your living as a fulltime RVer working at flea markets, open air bazaars and festivals.

As a sales representative for a variety of products, you could carry a wide selection of samples, or even a complete inventory of products ready for delivery. How’s that for service to the customer?

This aspect of the toy hauler’s flexibility is seldom mentioned in sales brochures. What better way to justify having a new trailer to haul your ATVs to the trailhead on the weekend than to say you bought it to make a living during the week?


The dual-purpose toy hauler trailers and motorhomes can definitely be a good thing for full-time and part-time RVers alike.

Toy haulers make your favorite recreational activities even more enjoyable when you can take them on the road with you and do them anytime… anywhere! They can also make your job a whole lot more flexible and fun, too.