All-Terrain Camping With A 4×4 Vehicle And An Off-Road Survival Trailer

by Curtis

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Do you own a 4×4 Jeep or some other off-road vehicle?  Do you want to get away from the crowds while still having fun in the great outdoors?

Staying at an organized RV campground has its pitfalls:

  • Other peoples’ kids racing back and forth making noise
  • Over-exuberant partying going on right up until curfew or later
  • Unskilled drivers trying to maneuver large RVs uncomfortably close to yours
  • Neighboring RVs so close you can see what they’re eating for breakfast

Maybe you should consider choosing a spot that’s off the beaten path and away from the crowds.  It’s called boondocking. In this case it’s call extreme boondocking!

Simply match a small RV survival trailer designed for extreme terrain with a 4×4 that’s capable of pulling it way off the beaten path. Then pick your camping spot miles away from anybody.