Factory Tours, Visitor Centers & Museums Make Great RV Road Trips!

Many factories provide public tours that allow you to see just how things are made and eventually sold in stores. Just as interesting are Visitor Centers, Hall of Fame locations, and other national museums. Here are some factory tours and museums worth considering for your next RV road trip.

Is Your RV Too Wide To Legally Be On The Road Without An Oversized Load Permit?

Chances are, your Class A motorhome or RV trailer exceeds the maximum width limit for motor vehicles. In most states, anything over 8-1/2 feet wide requires a special oversized load permit every time it will be moved. That is, unless you live very close to a qualifying interstate highway. Some states limit an RV’s width to only 8 feet wide!

Fall Foliage Tours: Enjoy The Autumn Colors From Your RV

The Fall colors are at their most vibrant from September all the way to November — starting in New England and Minnesota first toward the end of September, and proceeding down throughout the Southeast by mid-November. Here are the current foliage conditions and some must-see locations that are perfect for RV road trips!

Virginia Beach, Virginia RV Trip

With Norfolk, Williamsburg, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina just a short drive away, Virginia Beach is an excellent choice for your next RV roadtrip. Make your reservations for these RV campground early, because they fill up fast.

Best Road Trip Songs

It’s hard to pick the best road trip songs of all time… but here’s my best shot at selecting the greatest travel music to may your road trips even more enjoyable!