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RV Food: How To Find Farmers Markets When You’re Traveling (A Full Time RVer’s Best Tips!)

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By Karen

shopping-at-farm-markets.jpgOne of the things my husband and I like to do on our days off from working at the campground is to visit the local farms and farm markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are many ways to find these places if you are new to an area.


How To Find Farmers Markets

Sometimes we ask local people we who are working with us at the campground, or we may ask at a restaurant.

Sometimes we just run across a farm while we are out driving around seeing the local sights.

My favorite way to find farms is on the internet.

There are two websites that I use frequently:

#1 – The first one is called Pick Your Own (PYO). On PYO, you click on the state of your choice to find reviews of farms where you can go to pick your own produce.

The reviews are arranged by county, so if you want to use that site, you will need to know which counties are in your area. To find the counties in your area easily, go to another website called Maps Of The World.

#2 – The second site I use is called Local Harvest (LH). The LH website is easier to use, because you can either click on a map or enter the zip code to get a list of farms in that area that sell to the public. On LH, you will also find information about Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA’s.

fresh-food-at-farmers-market.jpgA CSA is a subscription to a farm’s produce, where buyers receive a weekly or monthly basket of produce, flowers, fruits, eggs, milk, coffee, or any sort of different farm products for a set price that is paid in the spring. If you are going to be work camping or in an area for the season, a CSA is a good way to get a variety of produce fresh from the farm.

Since we have been using these websites to look for farms, we have found an asparagus farm in Virginia, a berry farm in Pennsylvania to pick our own raspberries, and a place in Maryland where we got luscious blackberries.

If you haven’t tried going to the farm, you really should give it a try.