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Repairing vs Replacing RV Windshield Glass: See How Auto Glass Experts Can Repair Your Motorhome Windshield On-Site

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By Curtis

rv-windshield-glass-repairWhen it comes to RV windshield glass chips and cracks, the temptation is simply to groan in disgust, and then quickly put them out of your mind.

However, if you’ve ever priced out the cost of having a large motorhome windshield replaced, then you’ll probably think twice about brushing off even the slightest amount of damage.

RV windshield glass is some of the most expensive glass found on the open road.

Ignoring a small problem can quickly lead to an expensive RV windshield replacement.  Not to mention the fact that a cracked windshield doesn’t look good, and it will drive your trade-in value off the road real fast.

Then again, sometimes you just don’t have a choice: a motorhome windshield replacement might be the only answer.

rv-windshield-replacement   motorhome-windshield-replacement

Here’s what you need to know about smaller RV windshield repairs and larger motorhome windshield replacement…

Why Motorhome Windshields Cost So Much

Getting a windshield replaced on your car may put you back a couple hundred dollars.  There may be a half million copies of your car on the road, so with a large number of windshields being replaced, quantity makes the price come down.

Motorhome windshields are a whole different story.  When it comes to your specific model of motorhome, the numbers can drop down to hundreds, or maybe thousands at most.  This reduced quantity of windshields means the individual cost to manufacture them is much higher.

Replacement cost for half a windshield (many windshields are 2 pieces) starts at well over $500, and can be many times more than that — depending on availability for your specific RV brand and model.

When you add in the labor involved, the low-end cost can quickly approach $1,000.  More often than not, it’s likely to be twice that amount.

Fixing vs Replacing RV Windshield Glass

For cost purposes alone, your best bet is always to have the chip, star, or small crack sealed by one of those services that will patch your windshield dings for around $30 as soon as possible.

You may still see some portion of the damage when it’s done, but by having it sealed, you will have stopped the damage from spreading.

Changes in temperature, rough road, or frost and ice can turn a chip in your RV windshield into a nasty crack that will spread — all the way across the windshield.

rv-windshield-glass-is-costly-by-scott-woods-fehr.jpg   cracks-on-rv-windshield-glass-by-amarette.jpg

Insurance May Not Cover RV Window Repairs

Not a problem you say, you’ve got full coverage insurance.

Don’t be so sure.

Every state is different when it comes to what is covered.  Every insurance company has a different idea of what is included and what isn’t.

When I lived in Texas, my RV windshield glass wasn’t covered.  Here in Minnesota it is.  There may also be a dollar limit on what they will pay for a windshield replacement.  You won’t know for sure unless you call for a quote and confirm it with your insurance company.

Protective Treatment For Your RV Windshield

There is something new on the market that can protect your RV windshield glass from damage, in the event of a strike that would normally create a chip or crack.

Diamon-Fusion Surface Shield is a treatment that is applied to windshields.  Their advertisement states that it fills in the microscopic dips and valleys found on all glass, creating a smoother surface.  Once rough stones strike the windshield, they will slip harmlessly off.  By not catching in the crevices, the full force of the impact is diverted, avoiding damage.

RV America Insurance is one company that sees the value, and savings that can be experienced by applying this treatment.  They have given the product 2 thumbs up.  They go on to state, the treatment must be done by a qualified RV dealership, and is priced between $400 and $2,000, depending on the size of the RV.  Though expensive in itself, it may very well be a sizable savings over the cost of replacing a windshield.

How To Protect Your Motorhome’s Windshield

inspecting-a-new-rvMany new motorcoaches come from the factory with a layer of clear plastic temporarily applied — to avoid any rock chips during the transit from factory to dealer.

Though not a realistic longterm solution to rock chips, it does emphasize how prevalent they can be.

Doing whatever you can to maintain your RV windshield glass can have a positive affect on your trade-in value as well.

Many buyers will walk right past an RV with a cracked windshield.  Being fully aware of the cost of RV windshield replacement, they don’t want to look through a damaged windshield when they’re behind the wheel.

RV windshield maintenance is an important and costly issue.  Taking care of small problems before they become large ones is simply going to mean more money in your pocket — something we all can relate to.

Glass Experts Will Repair Your RV Windshield On-Site

Wondering which auto glass repair shops will service RVs?

There are others, but these are 2 of the only nationwide auto glass specialists that I know of that will do the repairs on-site for you:

Of course, if the windshield on your Class A motorhome is broken, then you’ll have to order the replacement glass through the RV dealer first.

Then make arrangements with an auto glass company to install it.

Don’t even think about attempting this job on your own, the windshield requires special techniques best left to the professionals.  The cost of the replacement glass will set you back a bunch, and you don’t want to take a chance on breaking it.

mobile-glass-repair-rv-windshield.jpg michigan-mobile-glass-rv-repair.jpg repairing-rv-motorhome-windshield.jpg

Here’s how they do it:


separating-rv-windshield-from-rubber-seal   separating-motorhome-windshield-from-seal

protecting-motorhome-from-broken-glass   replacing-motorhome-windshield-seal