10 Things You Need To Do Immediately After Buying A Used RV

Even though you recently bought a used RV, it’s NOT ready for a road trip just yet. There are a few things you must do in order to make sure that your RV is safe, disinfected, and ready for you to travel in first! Here’s your checklist of 10 things to do before hitting the road in a secondhand RV.

A List Of Clever Uses For Spring Clamps While Camping & RVing

See why I think a cheap set of spring clamps are the RVer’s equivalent to a Swiss army knife. Here’s my list of clever uses for spring clamps while RVing and camping — from making a DIY camper awning to holding curtains open, keeping your dog safe while setting up camp, and drying a few items on a camping clothesline. There are SO many ways to use spring clamps in and around the RV!


Here’s How To Replace RV Windows Yourself

RV windshield replacement needs to be left to the professionals, but many side RV windows can be easily replaced or resealed as do-it-yourself projects. This video takes you through the whole process.

RV Window Repair Tips: How To Do It Yourself

When it comes to travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers, you can probably repair the RV window yourself. With larger RVs and motorhomes — and the front windshield in any size RV — you’ll need to call the professionals. Your RV dealer will order the window and a local glass company will install it for you. Here are the steps to repair an RV window yourself.