Want Hot Water Faster In Your RV? Give Your RV Water Heater A Tuneup

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A properly operating RV water heater is what makes that squeaky clean feeling possible after a nice hot shower.

Just remember, there’s more to maintaining your water heater than simply flipping the switch on the wall.

Understanding how the plumbing that’s associated with your RV water heater works will go a long way in preventing damage from operator error.

When combined with negligence, operator error is the leading cause of water heater failure in RVs.

As this video shows, with a few easy steps you can greatly improve the performance of your RV water heater.

One of the most important ways to get the most from your RV water heater is to adjust the gas/air mixture so that the flame burns clean and doesn’t leave black residue going up the side of your RV. (Black smoke means it needs more air, by the way.)

This video explains how to adjust the gas/air mixture. It also describes how to properly maintain your RV water heater:

How To maintain your RV Water Heater by RV Education 101

Of course, instead of giving your current water heater a tuneup, another way to get hot water faster in your RV is to install a tankless RV water heater.