DIY Conversion Van RV Remodel: Avoid New RV Sticker Shock By Building A Class B RV From A Used Cargo Van

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Everyone would like to pick a brand new Class B RV camper van off the showroom floor given the chance.

However, in today’s economy, sticker shock is causing many to think outside the box instead.

Did Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford, or Thomas Edison buy off-the-shelf RVs?

No, because there were none in the early years of the automobile.  To experience the great outdoors, they built their own camper van of sorts and had a grand old time.

Today, many people (self included) are taking assorted retired vehicles and building their own RVs.


School buses, cargo delivery vans, even some old logging trucks are living on as home-built RVs designed and constructed to meet the needs of their creator.  Many of these RV camper vans are quite the works-of-art with craftsmanship that just can’t be matched on the dealer’s lot.


My Own Camper Van Conversion

I’m an avid fan of do-it-yourself Class B RV camper van conversions.

As a teenager, our family enjoyed weekend excursions in a converted 1955 Ford school bus.  Those outings quickly taught me you don’t need a ton of money to have a darn good time.

I’m no different today, as with my own home-built camper van RV we still know how to have fun on a small budget.

Here are 2 more examples of RV cargo van conversions:

This video shows how an old truck can be turned into something unique and special: