Need A New RV Bike, Carrier, or RV Bicycle Rack? How About An RV Motorcycle Lift?

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rv-bike.jpg Every RV outing we’ve taken recently has proven that the “Go Green” movement is in full swing.

The most common accessory seen hanging off the back of almost every RV on the road these days is a bike carrier… for 2 or more bicycles.  Biking is zero emission transportation at its best!

When it comes to basic transportation after you’ve set up camp, bicycles are the most cost-effective, lightweight, easy-to-use way to get around — followed by electric scooters and motorcycles.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for getting all of your bikes to your next RV destination.

If you happen to be in the market for a new bicycle, following are some really fun bikes worth considering. Plus, all the best RV carriers & lifts for bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles…


Looking For A New Bicycle?

One of the bikes often found in the storage compartment of RVs is the folding bicycle.  It has become quite popular because of its compact size (which takes up very little storage space).

Some RVers prefer the old-fashioned single speed bikes they grew up with.  It’s simple, yet rugged transportation that doesn’t require a teenager to figure out how it works.  There are no levers to adjust.  Braking is accomplished by simply pressing backwards on the pedals.  Nothing requires adjustment, all you do is get on and ride!

Thanks to modern technology, riding a bicycle easier than these days.  New electric bikes can take you into town with no more effort then twisting the throttle control.  With a range of up to 20 miles, a trip to the store for milk, or exploring a new community becomes a pleasure accessible past time to those that don’t have the endurance to pedal for miles.


Need An RV Bike Carrier?

If you’ve got a bike to get you from here to there around the campground, then you’ll need a way to take it along with you when you hit the road in your RV.

RV bike racks come in about as many varieties as do bicycles.

Here are the 4 most popular types of RV bike carriers:

  • Hitch-mounted bike racks simply slide into your trailer towing receiver. They can handle 2, sometimes 4 bicycles. Hitch bike racks can be mounted on the back of your tow vehicle or on the back of your motorhome or trailer (if you’re not towing a vehicle).
  • Ladder-mounted bike racks provide a nice temporary solution since the ladder bike rack can easily be removed and stowed when you don’t need it.  Many RVers like that the bicycles hang vertically — instead of sticking out beyond the side of your RV.
  • RV bumper-mounted bike racks bolt to the square bumper found on most RV trailers.
  • Spare tire bike racks reach around your RV’s spare tire, keeping your bicycles centered across the back of your trailer.

rv-scooter-by-j2davis2005.jpgIf your bike happens to be a motorcycle or a scooter, then you’ll need a Cruiserlift motorcycle lift for your RV or a scooter lift.

You just ride onto the platform at ground level.  Then, at the press of a button, your motorcycle will rise up to a safe traveling height above the RV’s rear bumper.

With all of these options, there’s every reason to take an RV bike of some sort with you when you travel by RV.  It sure beats breaking camp just to run to the corner store!

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