Fun RV Hobbies: What’s Your Favorite RV Hobby While Traveling?

by Lynnette

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fun-rvWhen you hit the road in an RV, there’s a new adventure around every corner.

Sightseeing itself is a fun pastime — or hobby — for most RVers. But beyond that, how do you really spend your time in an RV?

Especially if you’re a fulltime RVer, there will likely come a time when the walls of your RV will seem like they’re closing in around you.

That’s when you know it’s time to find a fun RV hobby!

Maybe golfing is not your thing. Crafts aren’t for everyone either. Coin collecting and stamp collecting can get boring after awhile (and require you to find space for all that “stuff” in your RV).

Perhaps it’s time to find an interesting hobby that’s more suited to RVers who live their life on the road.


Why RV Hobbies Are Important

An RV hobby can provide you with:

  • A reason to travel to new places.
  • A common interest that will bring you together with other people.
  • A way to learn new things about a subject that you’re interested in.
  • A reason to pursue something that you’ve always been passionate about, but never had the time before.
  • A lot of fun new adventures.
  • A way to stay active and physically fit.
  • A portable activity that can be enjoyed as you travel from place to place.

Leave the RV recliner to the novice RVer who hasn’t discovered the one true benefit of RVing: having the time to do exactly what you want to do!


Fun RV Hobbies

Following are some interesting RV hobbies that you may not have thought about.

Who knew there were so many creative ways to spend your time?!…

(Click links for tips, videos & photos from fellow RVers)

Animal print tracking / Wildlife watching

Ballroom Dancing (more here)

Beading (more here)


Birdwatching (more here)

Blogging about RV travels (more here)

Caravanning (more here)

Collecting things (more here and here)

Exploring ghost towns (more here and here)


Float tubing

Genealogy (more here)

Geocaching (more here)

Gold prospecting  (more here and here)

Hiking (more here)


Knitting (more here)

Learning a new language

Making stained glass

Metal detecting (more here)



Offroading (more here)

Organizing photos

Photography (more here)

Playing board games & cards

Reading books / Listening to audiobooks

Rock collecting / Gem hunting

Rubber stamping


Scooter riding


Snorkeling / Scuba diving





Watercolor painting


Writing / Journaling (more here and here)


But Wait There’s More!

rv-hobby-by-RickCSome RV hobbies aren’t so easy to label.

One good example is having a diehard passion for following a particular sports team, singer, trade show, or type of sporting event — no matter where it takes you.

That’s right, some RVers make a point of following someone else’s calendar all across the country just to be in the same place at the same time that key events take place.

Some hobbies are for very dedicated people who follow events – perhaps a NASCAR racing schedule, a particular band or singer. They go to as many events as possible, try to get to every baseball stadium in the country – perhaps an “A” League – or even the Major League. —RV Insight


Tips For Taking Your RV Hobby To The Next Level

  1. By joining a club or organization that’s involved with the hobby of your choice, you can find out all of the “insider secrets” for pursuing your hobby with others like you.
  2. Meetup is a great site that connects people of similar interests. I use it mostly to find out about motorcycle rides taking place in my area. Since there are so many fun meetups going on, it’s also a great way to find something to do at the last minute!
  3. Don’t overlook the fact that you might even find a way to get paid pursuing whatever it is you’re passionate about. Thanks to the Internet– specifically sites like Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, and Pinterest — you can quickly show others what you’ve been doing.

So, what’s your favorite RV hobby? I can’t wait to hear about it in the comments below!