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When you're boondocking, it's much more convenient to get your power from RV solar panels, instead of running the RV generator all the time!

I added some orange RV stripes to mimic the color of my Jeep toad. Now my motorhome and my Jeep match! It was easy. Here's how to paint stripes on your RV.

Beyond sightseeing, how do you REALLY spend your time in an RV? Is it time to find a fun RV hobby? Some super interesting RV hobbies that are perfect for RVers who live life on the road.

Are the noise and confusion of an RV campground too much for you? Try a 4-wheel drive vehicle with a small off-road trailer and get away from the crowds by boondocking!

Initially, we used a 'regular' GPS unit when driving in our RV. But we quickly learned that most GPS units -- including ours -- were not very accommodating of RVers' needs. So I did some research and found the top 3 GPS units that are RV-friendly.

We are planning to tow our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited behind an RV someday soon. Here's what we've learned about towing four wheels down, and how to shift the transfer case into Neutral.