RV Captains Chairs: What To Do If Yours Are Badly Worn + Ways To Enhance Your Current RV Seats

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rv-captains-chairsDirect sunlight will fade a set of RV captain’s chairs quicker than anything.

That beautiful panoramic RV windshield distributes the sun’s ultraviolet rays directly where you sit.

Believe it or not, RV windshield covers and sun shields actually do work.

By neglecting to use a window shade of some sort, you’re letting the sun do irreparable damage to your RV seats. And trust me, it will happen in a surprisingly short period of time!


Does this mean you’re stuck, dealing with a tacky looking driver’s compartment?

No. You have a number of options to make your RV interior look fresh and new again.

Here are some good options…


Seat Covers For RV Captain’s Chairs

Captain’s chair seat covers are widely available. There are a variety of automotive seat covers to choose from — ranging from something close to what was originally installed on your RV seats to a variety of decorator styles.

Sheepskin RV seat covers are a popular option for frequent travelers and fulltime RVers.  In hot weather, not sticking to a vinyl seat is a big plus!

Low-cost RV seat covers can also be found at a variety of aftermarket sources, if you want to dress up an older RV at a very reasonable price.


RV Seat Enhancements

  • If seating position is your biggest problem, then installing a new 6-way adjustable pedestal base may be all that’s needed to make driving your RV more comfortable.
  • If you travel for long hours at a time, then a removable auto seat cushion may be all you need to stay comfortable while you’re driving.
  • If you travel both north and south, then you know that the ability to stay cool is just as important as a heated seat is.  With the addition of the cool or heat seat cushion you can have the best of both worlds!  Using thermoelectric technology — just like your electric cooler — you flip the switch one way for heat and the other way for cool.
  • If you want more features than were included from the factory when you bought your RV, then you could always change out the whole seat for an upgraded model.   Flexsteel captains chairs come in a wide variety of styles including leather and fabric, and they come with different contours and fit.


Being comfortable while you travel is what it’s all about.  Being stylish at the same time is an equally important part of the package.

Fortunately, there are lots of different options available for you to choose from!


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8 thoughts on “RV Captains Chairs: What To Do If Yours Are Badly Worn + Ways To Enhance Your Current RV Seats

  1. Hi 

    We are in a rental class c rv van. I spilt some oil on a the diner seat cover. i tried washing the cover but it  is now ruined. Can I replace it as I think my rental company will charge a lot to replace it?

    1. Vivalasvegasjb, I bet you’re right too.  No good news here.  Unless the RV is a very current year in all likely hood the rental company can’t even buy an exact replacement.  This is where you make sure you have insurance to cover any damage before you take possession of a rental unit because most likely this is going to cost you.

    1. ND Frost Bite, You’re way past anything I’ve ever done. I guess if it was me I’d just take it down to the bare cab & chassis and start over. For me the rebuild would be as simple as possible without all the factory curves and angles. My experience is more cosmetic improvements with the occasional rotten corner to be repaired. I don’t see any logical way back from your level of disassembly.

      1. Thanks :) for your input. Ya I see your point. But I’m still pushing around ideas in my head. The wall is in good shape. I’m thinking I may just give it a go with this shell i have. If i did it a different way i wouldn’t know what to do with the cab area.

        1. ND Frost Bite, Let us know how it all comes out. A before and after picture could be a great inspiration to others…Or a warning to those tempted to go too far. Good Luck!!

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