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4 Reasons Teardrop Trailers Are Great For Winter Camping

by Curtis

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teardrop trailerAren’t these little teardrop RV trailers the cutest thing?

They’re small, lightweight, and most of all affordable.  Almost any vehicle can tow a teardrop trailer, and it won’t drag your mileage down into the ditch either.

You might be thinking that camping season is winding down for the year as snow starts to become an issue, but have you ever considered winter camping?  A teardrop trailer might be just the thing to get you interested!

Here are 4 reasons why teardrop trailers are great for winter camping:

  • Being small, you can get your RV trailer into just about any spot.
  • Being lightweight, if you get stuck you can push yourself out.
  • Keeping a small space warm is a lot easier than heating a larger RV.
  • No matter what, it sure beats sleeping in a tent on the cold ground!

Do pay attention to weather forecasts when you’re winter camping in your RV.  Getting snowed in while at a secluded spot could easily become life-threatening. Be sure to let people know where you plan to be before you go.