Winter RV Storage Alert! Any Food Left In Your RV Will Cause A Mice Problem

by Curtis

Leaks, Longterm RV Storage, Mice And Squirrels, Winter And Snow

rv-stored-for-the-winter-photo-by-jakesmome.jpg RVs sitting in outside storage through the winter months are the perfect habitat for a mice problem.

Those industrious little guys can cause a surprising amount of damage chewing up upholstery or wiring.

All in an effort to cozy up their nest, insulating against the elements.

Making your RV mouse-proof is almost impossible.

They can get in through even the smallest crack or unsealed opening.

The best you can hope for is to use things to make your RV as inhospitable and unwelcoming a home as possible:

One thing’s for sure… getting rid of mice in your RV can be an ongoing headache!

Here’s how to keep mice away and avoid a rodent infestation.

The short version: Double check that you have removed all food items when you put your RV in storage.  Nothing would make mice happier than to forget about that bag of dried dog food in the closet.  Boxed dry goods may seem safe to store through the winter, but what you’re really doing is laying out the buffet for them and making your mouse problem worse.


More Tips For RVers With Mice Problems

While your RV is stored outside this winter, don’t forget to watch the snow load too.  Heavy snow buildup can cause severe water damage next spring.