Things To See & Do

Before you hit the road in an RV, check here for fun things to see and do in the states you’ll be passing through! You’ll find RV campgrounds & national parks, plus fun things to do — by state. Fellow RVers share fun places they’ve visited that are worthy of being on your RV bucket list!

Factory Tours, Visitor Centers & Museums Make Great RV Road Trips!

Many factories provide public tours that allow you to see just how things are made and eventually sold in stores. Just as interesting are Visitor Centers, Hall of Fame locations, and other national museums. Here are some factory tours and museums worth considering for your next RV road trip.

RV Travel Journals: Photographs & Memories Of Your RV Roadtrips

You can use a travel journal to document your travels online — either in a formatted book, blog, or other travel journal. Or, you can simply jot down thoughts in a notebook or spiral binder. Here are the benefits of writing your RV experiences in a travel journal!

Long Term RV Boondocking Takes Some Preparation

Looking to try some longterm camping in your RV without breaking the bank? There are lots of places to stay that won’t cost you much, but you have to be prepared to fend for yourself — because cheap means no amenities!

Fall Foliage Tours: Enjoy The Autumn Colors From Your RV

The Fall colors are at their most vibrant from September all the way to November — starting in New England and Minnesota first toward the end of September, and proceeding down throughout the Southeast by mid-November. Here are the current foliage conditions and some must-see locations that are perfect for RV road trips!