RV Clubs, Groups And Rallies – A Great Way To Meet People & Make Friends

by Curtis

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airstreams-rv-caravan-by-Airstream-Life.jpg The best way to get to know people that share the same interest as yourself is to join groups and participate in events where like-minded people get together.

Nowhere is this more common than in the RV lifestyle.

Whether it’s a club designated for a particular brand of RV such as the Wally Byam Caravan Club International or the Vintage Airstream Club, or a more regional gathering of people who travel with their Teardrop trailers, like these Touring Tears, the fact is people often gather and travel in groups to enhance the experience of living the RV lifestyle.

The Airstreamers have descended on Duluth MN, my hometown, twice. There is nothing to compare to the site of 4,000 to 5,000 silver bullets parked in groups all around the city.


Types Of RV Rallies

Rallies can also be open to all kinds of RVs where the group’s purpose is to simply travel through and enjoy a particular part of the country .

For example, the Good Sam Club‘s The Rally celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. They’re advertising it as “It’ll Be a Kick on Route 66,” since the rally will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Many of the activities will be centered around the Mother Road, which was the main artery west during the depression and dust bowl era.

Tracks to Adventure used to offer tours that included loading your RV onto rail flat cars for a trip through Mexico. Unfortunately, Mexican laws now prohibit that method of travel, but the company still flourishes with many group tours including Alaska, Canada, the Lower 48 and even Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

Escapees RV Club, the best known collection of full time RVers, holds their annual Escapade Rally
at a different location every year. The next gathering will be in Sedalia the home of the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

Even RVing singles gather and make journeys together, proving you’re never alone when your RVing.

Why Join An RV Club?

night-chat-rv-rally-by-Airstream-Life.jpg Joining an RV club or group is the best way to see and do things you might not be as likely to do if you were on your own — like RV tailgating.

Not only is there safety in numbers, but activities seem to be more fun when you’re part of a group enjoying the experience.

There are many advantages in traveling with a tour or attending rallies as well. Reduced rates at various attractions along the route are almost a certainty. Retailers and restaurateurs alike recognize the benefit of lowering their fees when a large group is coming through their doors. Group rates can make quite a difference in the overall cost of traveling.

Rallies can also include educational seminars, as well as opportunities to network among your peers. The best way to learn about something is to talk with others who have already been there, done that. Many tricks and valuable pieces of advice can come from those who are going down the same road you’re taking.

Many a rally has initiated friendships that have lasted years, because the same people travel and likely spend time in the same locations during different periods of time — like snowbirds who head for the southwest as soon as the first snowflake hits the ground. It’s like a family reunion as different travelers converge on their winter roost.

There’s never a reason to feel alone when it comes to RVing, no matter where you are in life’s journey. Just take a quick look on the Internet to find a group that matches your style and join up. There’s always room for one more!



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