RV Transport Drivers Are Needed To Drive Motorhomes Cross Country

rv-transport-driver.jpgWho says you have to buy an RV or motorhome in order to be an RVer? …even a full-time RVer! There IS another option: Sign up to deliver RVs with an official RV transporter!

When Ken [Murray] learned about commercial RV transporting companies, he realized then that his dreams of full-timing could come true. Ken sold his house, and last May he moved into his present RV, a 38 foot fifth wheel trailer with a slide out. He contacted two different RV transport companies, Hinkley RV Transport and Horizon Transport, and says both were more than happy to work with him. Both companies have some 200 drivers nationwide, and while they usually deliver new RVs, when Ken wants to move he calls their dispatcher and they have a driver hook onto his trailer and move him to a new park."
Gypsy Journal

Heck, depending on the company (and their requirements), you may not even need to have much RV experience at all! And transporting an RV could even be more exciting than renting one!

Yep, you can choose to transport an RV once, or several times — it’s completely up to you.

And… you can deliver RVs over the course of several weeks, months, or even years.

This is one of the most flexible modes of RV travel — especially when you don’t already own an RV!


What It’s Like To Be An RV Transport Driver

Being an RV transporter for hire is a temporary profession for some (it’s possible to earn as much as $50,000 a year) and a hobby for others (it’s a fun way to travel and see the world).

  • If you have a pickup truck, then you could "tow" a pull-behind RV trailer.
  • Or, choose a "driveaway" and plot your course for adventure from the driver’s seat of a motorhome.

Typically, you are delivering RVs directly from the manufacturing plant to RV dealers all across the country. Chances are, each time you would get a completely different RV, making this a great way to learn about the nuances associated with towing or driving RVs of different makes, models and years.

See which pickup truck is best for towing RVs, according to RV transport drivers. (Click on vehicle make.)


The Best Parts About Being An RV Transporter

It’s a highly flexible activity that can be timed around your own personal schedule.

You don’t even have to use the same "employer" each time. There are many transport companies to choose from.

Typically, you’re given a fairly wide window in which to get the RV from one location to the other. This is good because you don’t have to rush and drive a lot of hours when you’re tired.

It’s a great way to earn "fun money" to put toward a down payment on your own motorhome, a future vacation,.or anything else under the sun.

Depending on the company, you may be able to take your spouse (or immediate family) with you. Talk about an interesting family adventure!

It’s great for people who like to travel a lot. Even world travelers will enjoy the freedom that comes with being behind the wheel of an RV en route to your next exciting destination.

Spontaneous people love this. Especially if you like to pick up & go on a whim and you aren’t afraid to try new things and travel to new places.


The Worst Parts About Being An RV Transporter

It is what it is… the route and the dates are set in stone and it’s up to you to complete the task within that set period of time. Take it or leave it.

You have to get yourself to the starting location and then get yourself back home from the ending location. This means having a friend or family member follow you in a personal vehicle, getting someone at each location to meet you and take you somewhere, or purchase plane tickets to get you back & forth on your own.

You are responsible for all of your personal expenses associated with the trip, including fuel.

You must have a good (if not excellent) driving record.

Some companies require you to have a commercial drivers license (CDL) or at least some commercial driving experience.

Depending on the type of RV you choose, some towing experience may also be required.

NOTE: The requirements are different, depending on which RV transport company you choose. They vary widely.


More About Being An RV Transport Driver

Think you might be interested but still have questions?

Take this 5-minute Travel Job Aptitude Test online (it’s free) to see if transporting RVs is something you would enjoy. 

Or, consider RV Transport 101 … a 2-day workshop that teaches you the skills you need to transport RVs. (They also have an RV Transport 101 Manual.)

Don’t miss these articles about being an transport driver from someone who’s done it before:


UPDATE:  If you post your information in the Comments below and you want someone to contact you then you MUST leave your email address in the actual body of your Comment. (Not just in the email field… but also in the actual message of your Comment.)

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  • troy paulson

    i am looking to start driving rv or pulling campers. the problem is that i do not have a truck to do this. i would like to know if their is anyone out their that has a truck that will hire and how do i contact them

  • Bob Peck

    am instrested in transporting motorhomes. I have a tow vehicle, 08 ford escape. I am retired so I have time to do whatever. What do I need to do to get started?

    • Curtis

      Bob, The best thing to do is contact a drive-away company and see what their requirements are and if they need drivers.

  • Mike Wilcox

    I currently work part time for an RV rental agency in Alaska, Home town is Tacoma,WA. I`ve travelled all over the lower 48 picking up M/Hs at varous factories, Elkhart In. and surrounding cities, Riverside Cal., Kentucky, to name a few areas, then driving them to Anchorage. I have been transporting for 8+years for this company and as I said I`m still employed with them,just looking for a little more work. 58y/o married 30+years, commercial driver for a major furniture mover until retired, Looking forward to hearing from you Thanks Mike

  • Val Shanahan

    I need to get from Denver to Kansas City, MO. as soon as possible, a medical need for my 84 year old Mother. I have a class C, P1 CDL. I have had one speeding ticket in the past 34 years, no other violations. I have driven para-transit buses, shuttle buses, limousines and delivery vehicles. I am completely professional and will take the best of care of your vehicle. Please notify me at vkshanahan@aol.com. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a 59 yr/o retired widower with 18 grandchildren scattered from Chicago to San Diego. I have an 08 Silverado and have made 5 trips west and 3 north last year. If I am going to travel I might as well get paid for it. Any suggestions?

  • Cindy

    I am moving this summer to Colorado. I have 2 small dogs and a parrot. I have not been able to find any other way to get myself, my pets and my car to my new home. All suggestions appreciated. I have a Chevy Blazer.

  • J.

    I was just admiring some of your posts. As I realize going to the companies sites is very time consuming. I think in the long run it’s the only way to go. These people want to know as much as possible about the transporter ( you ). I just spent the last 3 hours filling out paperwork for a bunch of these places and I was a little frustrated, but I made it threw and now just need to wait to be contacted for a transport.. Anyway, just sharing a thought. I will keep you all posted on here and let you know how the next few weeks roll out going this route. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    I would like more information–since I have a class a liscense–as a truck driver–I was laid off in this economy–and i am looking for a drivers job
    email me

    • Curtis

      The best place to get more information is to contact a drive-away company and get it right from the horses mouth.

    • Curtis

      The best place to get more information is to contact a drive-away company and get it right from the horses mouth.

  • Anonymous

    I would like more information–since I have a class a liscense–as a truck driver–I was laid off in this economy–and i am looking for a drivers job
    email me

  • David Covelli

    I need to get my dog back to western New York sometime in late May or June. I live in Manhattan Beach California and would like to drive a large van or motor home back east. We have a summer home near Buffalo New York but my 80 lb. Labrador won’t fit in the small planes that fly into Buffalo New York. His kennel is too big for a narrow body jet. I have a perfect drivers license and do not smoke or drink. Please call with any help finding the right vehicle for me. Thank you!

  • David Covelli

    I need to get my dog back to western New York sometime in late May or June. I live in Manhattan Beach California and would like to drive a large van or motor home back east. We have a summer home near Buffalo New York but my 80 lb. Labrador won’t fit in the small planes that fly into Buffalo New York. His kennel is too big for a narrow body jet. I have a perfect drivers license and do not smoke or drink. Please call with any help finding the right vehicle for me. Thank you!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • teetee

    would like to transport rv’s or motor coach need info on who to contact husband and wife team with CDL’s

  • teetee

    would like to transport rv’s or motor coach need info on who to contact husband and wife team with CDL’s

  • Anonymous

    were looking to transport motorhomes as a business full time

  • Anonymous

    were looking to transport motorhomes as a business full time

  • Anonymous

    i work part time for an rv delivery service.
    i have a class A cdl, no violations. no accidents.
    i can possibly deliver your rv or tour buss on a private bassis.
    please email with inquiries.

  • Anonymous

    i work part time for an rv delivery service.
    i have a class A cdl, no violations. no accidents.
    i can possibly deliver your rv or tour buss on a private bassis.
    please email with inquiries.

  • Anonymous

    I am very interested in the possibility of doing this work for the next 10 years or so, before I retire. I am currently age 50, with an outstanding 20-plus year commercial driving record (including cdl). I have a 1/2 ton pickup, but would possibly be willing to upgrade to a 1 ton or greater. Please contact me at mhoney1577@yahoo.com with information regarding this venture. Thanks for your consideration, Mike Honeycutt.

  • Anonymous

    I am very interested in the possibility of doing this work for the next 10 years or so, before I retire. I am currently age 50, with an outstanding 20-plus year commercial driving record (including cdl). I have a 1/2 ton pickup, but would possibly be willing to upgrade to a 1 ton or greater. Please contact me at mhoney1577@yahoo.com with information regarding this venture. Thanks for your consideration, Mike Honeycutt.

  • Anonymous

    have cdl would like to drive vehicle from tucson,az to any part of country as part time job clean driving record, and have a partner driver

  • Greg Ortega

    Currently a full time government employee, age 55 and looking for work in this type capacity (rv driver). Leaning towards 3/4 year of work. Driving record impeccable. I own my own vehicle but prefer to drive yours. If interested in what I can offer you> integrity, dependability, reliablity and great work ethic feel free to contact me to discuss my accomplished work history. Thank you!

  • Greg Ortega

    Currently a full time government employee, age 55 and looking for work in this type capacity (rv driver). Leaning towards 3/4 year of work. Driving record impeccable. I own my own vehicle but prefer to drive yours. If interested in what I can offer you> integrity, dependability, reliablity and great work ethic feel free to contact me to discuss my accomplished work history. Thank you!

  • Truthsayer

    Biggest bunch of crap going. These transport companies, as they like to be called, are nothing more than drive away scam artists. You can hook up with RV manufacturers on your own. You don’t need these freeloaders.

    • Curtis

      Sure you can do it on your own, assuming you carry 2 million dollars of liability and cargo damage insurance. Oh, and don’t forget the transport registration and permits to go from state to state. That’s just for starters.

    • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

      Truthsayer – Care to share which RV manufacturers you can hook up with on your own?…

    • Auuunold

      Now There is a True / Real Person….But,have you hooked up on your own ?

  • Michael BlaggBlaggmg

    Interested in transporting vehicles. I have a Class A CDL but do not have any time logged. Contact me at E-mail:blaggmg@yahoo.com, or contact me direct at (865)368-9500

  • BMike Blagglaggmg

    Driving job interest. Have Class A CDL but no time logged. Contact me at (865) 368-9500, or by E-mail: blaggmg@yahoo.com

  • Robert

    Am interested in transporting RVs. Am 48 years old, have a very clean driving record and a travel companion. Please contact me about possible transport opportunities

  • george hicks

    i just want to diliver motor homes for a company, drop one off and barang one back for money, just like dealer traders on cars. harleygas1@aol.com, call 661-951-9384

  • Todd

    Please contact me on delivering RVs. I am a former small semi fleet owner, perfect driving record, never a ticket in over a million miles.Class ABCD hazmat, endr. Professional , courteous thanks Todd twexpress@mwt.net

  • Guerrette

    Please contact me. 47, YO Veteran, Clean driving Record. I am available for hire to deliver a RV anywhere in the USA. Can be ready to leave today if needed. Please contact me at guerrette@aol.com Thanks

  • chris

    Looking for employment delivering RV’s cross-country/local..husband&wife team with clean records, CDL’s, age 55 – we save lives by our safe driving skills (I am a former trucker, wife experienced moving van driver) great references available. Chris and Mary Robertson..Vintagegoodies@netzero.net

  • donnie

    i am very interested in driving are pulling rvs for a living i have on my on business for 15 yrs and want to change what i am doing i have a CDL and can drive most any thing i work for the gov for 6 yrs and had a license for every thing they had tanks to hevy equip to semis hummers jeeps you name it i drove it i also drove big rig for about a yr and for dr. pepper so this would be no problem have a truck to pull rvs with also DONNIE PRUETT mjdc1983@yahoo.com 254 206 0893

  • Anthony Phelps

    Iam interested in the RV transporting jobs, please contact me at anthonyvaca1@aol.com thank you.

    • lonnie

      hey anthony have you found a company to work for and if so are they looking for more drivers



  • Oscar

    I’m interested in a job transporting Motorhomes. I’m retired, have a clean Texas D/L, live near El Paso, Texas. e-mail address is ojudge1@yahoo. com.,
    phone # 915-588-1791

  • Janis Horton

    My name is Janis and I am interested in drive away jobs. I was a driver in 2007 for a school bus company on the east coast, however, I have moved to Oregon and am looking for something on the west coast. I will travel whereever the job takes. My e-mail address is janis.horton@yahoo.com

  • MMike Brassard

    My Name is Mike Brassard ,
    I am very interested in transporting RV’s I am open to both drive away & Motorhome
    transport, I have a 2008 Ford 450 ,and I haul a 2005 5th wheel now & drove a Tractor Tralier For Magnum Co.Trucking
    My email address is mblbrving@yahoo.com Thank You

  • Moody

    My name is Moody, and I am interested in delivering RV’s and motor homes. I can be reached at

  • Wreckdiver1

    My name is Steve and I would like someone to contact me regarding drive-away opportunties. My parents did this and loved it. I am single and free to go anywhere at any time. I am 48 years old, dependable and a dedicated worker. Contact me at wreckdiver1@comcast.net. Thank you!

  • Jim Atkins

    Drove semi truck for 32 years. Logged over 4 million miles. Have an excellent safety record. Looking forward to accomodating the RV industry. Please contact me at my email address: bikerbarn@yahoo.com

  • Startrek82800

    Name Raymond Andrews, 68 years old, have 48 years of over the road trucking with all vehicles except tankers. Drove 50 passenger bus for church for 18 months.
    Have class A CDL, Passport and twic card. Looking to deliver motor homes and other drive away vehicles all 48 states. Canada and Alaska. Contact me at startrek82800@hotmail.com Thnx Raymond Andrews

  • Jacagle7

    Hi, may name is Ja and I am looking to deliver motor homes or any other drive away vehicles. I have had about 8 yrs experience driving 40 ft buses. I am very flexible and would love this type of work. If anyone has any opening of knows of a company that needs help, please email me @: jacagle7@yahoo.com.

  • Shorell Blaire

    I have a Chev. Allegro 35′ I would like driven from Balt.,Md. to Upland, Calif. What website do I need to go to find the drivers described on your webpage? I’m looking for a driver vs. a “transport truck or tow. Thank you.

    • Mike

      I would be very happy to bring your motorhome west. I`ve been a R.V transporter for 8 years, I`m bonded,clean driving record,here`s my contact info if you wish. oneyedguy@comcast.net/253-312-767 Thanks Mike

    • Curtis

      Shorell Blaire, Do a search on Drive Away Companies Baltimore MD. You will see a list of a number of companies in your area. One thought to consider, by hiring a drive away company you will be better protected than hiring an unknown person to do it for you. They may be cheaper, but unlikely they will have proper insurance. Of course always make sure the company you chose also carries insurance also. Other wise if they have an accident, you could be liable for damages or injuries.

    • Jas9700

      truckmovers.com or quality driveaway.com

  • brad stahley

    hi my name is brad stahley, i live about an hours drive from the dallas/ft worth area. i have 12 years verifiable over the road experience in trucking, hauling mostly flatbed/oversize/dry vans etc. i have tanker/ double-triple/ and a twic card. am willing to go wherever i’m needed, am married so must be willing to accept occasional passenger, also will be towing my personal car for my ride back home. feel free to contact me day or night, stahley66@yahoo.com or 903-288-0383. warmly, plan b

  • http://www.mapletreetransportation.com Mapletree Transportation

    Mapletree Transportation, Inc. has been operating in Elkhart County for almost 15 years.


    We have divisions for all aspects of RV transport.

    Everything from motorized to 1-ton trucks, medium duty trucks and heavy duty trucks.

    In Addition to RV’s we also transport boats, truck caps, cars and general freight.

    We are currently hiring for ALL divisions. If you have as little as 6 months of OTR experience, and a safe driving record, we would love to have you contact us.

    Visit the web site for our contact information as well as our driver pay rates and an on-line application.


    • Kent Moore

      I’m a retired law enforcement officer and have a class A, HazMat CDL have had since 1997. I’ve been a OTR driver over 48 states and Canada, I have a good driving record. I’ve pulled everything from a 42′ grain trailer to 57′ box trailer, I’ve also pulled flat bed trailers for Fort Hood Army Base, Ft. Hood, Tx. Hauling ALL KINDS of ammunition to include rocket and missiles. While over the road my on-time-deliveries were outstanding. Call me at 254-247-5997 or E-Mail moore_kentsue@msn.com

  • Joe Grant

    I’m a retired employee of USAirways. I do a reasonable amount of “Snowbird” work, driving cars to/from Florida. I can fly to just about any city in USA and Canada. I’m looking for some driving jobs that may be available. I’m age 69, good health, private pilot and great driver. Cell 540-580-3853 in Roanoke, Va. I haven’t driven RV’s before so I assume a special lic is needed. Please let me know
    where I’m needed. Take care and have a great day. Joe Grant

  • Gary

    Hi there, I work for Texas Dept. Of Transportation and I’m getting close to retirement. This is what I want to do when I get out. Is it possible to transport one RV to one place and pick up another and just stay on the move? Just curious. I do have a CDL and have operated heavy equipment for many years now. Including tractor trailers. If you would send me some info it would be greatly appreciated. My email address is matken7@yahoo.com Thanks, Gary

  • Bill Sisson

    Am very interested in transporting RV(s) to Alaska anytime after July 2011. Could transport both to or from Alaska. Have excellent driving record. Do not have CDL at this point but should have no problem obtaining one. Have many years experience hauling commercial trailers of all sizes up to 30 ft. Schedule after July is totally flexible. Can be reached @ bsisson1379@hotmail.com

  • Schroedersusan


    I am a serious inquiry regarding transportation of RV’s. I have an excellant driving record. I enjoy travel and driving. We are campers and hikers and comfort is not my priority, rather the joy of new scenery. I have driven across country several times. Canada and Alaska are very appealing. Please contact me at schroedersusan@bellsouth.net and/or (407) 341-7711 Mobile.

  • Artie

    I’m very intersested in RV transport. I have over 6 years experience in towing a 5th wheel, and a Class A motorhome. I also have have driven for Alied Van Lines. I have an excellent driving record. I’m in the process of buying a 1- ton Dodge diesel pick-up, for our new 39ft. Alpine 5th wheel. I would be willing to travel to any part of the country. Please contact me at wfarchie@aol.com. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  • Stu Schreiber

    My wife and I are looking at driving someone’s RV, van or wagon to the west coast (San Diego) in the very near future. We are presently in Miami Beach. Would love it if the gas was paid and more, but we have never sought this out and would be happy to have some guidance. Please contact me asap at sturocksnow@yahoo.com. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Justin Greene

    I am a teacher and am looking to do more traveling during my summer vacation. I am interested in RV transport cause my wife and I love to see the scenery and comfort is not our main priority. I am ready to start transporting in June through August. Please contact me @ 6307234528.

    • Mommymommy1

      Hi, I need the airstream I am renting to be brought to Phoenix AZ from Stamford, CT the week of July 22 with a delivery day of July 31.

      I will pay for the rental fee for you to have it for that week plus $1000 in gas.

      You would need to provide the vehicle to tow it…

      Are you interested?


      • Justin Greene

        Sorry but I am out of Chicago area and I don’t own a pickup. I am not sure if my minivan could tow an airstream. Thanks for the offer.

  • stephen smith

    My buddy and I are both retired and would like to deliver motorhomes. We would not like nor do we need to work full time. Can you suggest a couple of compainies to start with?

    We also winter in Arizona and a couple of deliveries in the winter would be a pleasant distraction also.

    Thank you very much.

    Stephen Smith
    Poulsbo, WA/Tucson, AZ

    • Terrimike172

      Horizon Transport in wakarusa indiana

  • Merealtor


    I own a transportation co and have my own authority hauling freight. I also have a 3/4 T pickup that I would like to put to work. I started business in Feb 2008 after a severe slowdown was approaching in real estate (I am a Realtor of 18 yrs) My credit was absolutely spotless until 2009/2010 when I experienced the slowdown in Real Estate and the start up pains of the transportation co. Now it is shot. However the transportation co is now starting to make a decent profit. I do not have a CDL and hired a driver to drive the semi. I do however have a perfect driving record and own a 30′ pull behind travel trailer. Have owned RVs for over 20 years. If there is availability I would be interested in applying my equipment and business towing RV’S

  • Johnstickles

    My name is John and I have been fascinated with the road for years. I have owned my own fifth wheel RV since I was a teenager and love to camp. I wanted to get a cdl and drive big truck for years but can only get a regular license due to my eyes. My dmv record is perfect. I used to own a big cabinet shop and drove expediters to deliver and as every one else the economy ended that! I have a one ton diesel and am looking for an opportunity to transport campers. If you are interested send me an email to johnstickles60@yahoo.com.

    Thank you

  • Anonymous

     Hello My name is Rachel I’m in the process of getting my CDL. I have been driving goose-neck stock trailers and bumper pulls for over 15 yrs in my life.I was taught at a early age on how to drive semi’s and any other kind of manual.  I am in perfect health condition at my age and I love the open road. I have traveled all my life and still love it. On my driving record I currently have one speeding ticket that was over 2.5 years ago. I am very flexible with my schedule since I do not have any kind responsibility.I am also able to relocate for work it need be. If you would like to contact me in regarding a position to transport please email me at Calorando@yahoo.com,,,,,,,Thanks Rachel

  • Al Sultan

    Dear Ma’am
     My name is amin sultan 32yrs old, I am a professional driver, i can drive any type of vehicle light or heavy even manual or authomatic transmission, i have knoledge for minors trouble and the condation of the vehicle i can drive even 24hrs without reliever, i love to drive long distance like provinces and even the city i have been drive on the road since when i was 18. i want to work with your good company tnx and god bless. please email me at al.sultan@rocketmail.com

  • Tonypiner

    have class a cdl have driven 24ft box truck through every state in the continental u.s. and i have driven to alaska to make a delivery looking to get into r.v., truck, and bus delivery. 



  • Waleedali

    Hi ,
    My name is Wally , i am 18 years old and have been on the road since i was 14 years old , i may seem a bit too young but i gaurantee you i have what it takes to be your driver , i am very mature and been threw many hardships and very capable to handle many unexpected things.I have many experiences in many job industries and experiences in driving any kind of vehicle. I graduated from Riverside Academy early because i had to work to support my family . Teachers and staff recommended me to take a pass out exam and been told that i have passed with flying colors and will be able to handle any task givin, please give me a call or text as soon as possible (313)575-9297
    Thank you 

  • Waleedali

    Hi ,
    My name is Wally , i am 18 years old and have been on the road since i was 14 years old , i may seem a bit too young but i gaurantee you i have what it takes to be your driver , i am very mature and been threw many hardships and very capable to handle many unexpected things.I have many experiences in many job industries and experiences in driving any kind of vehicle. I graduated from Riverside Academy early because i had to work to support my family . Teachers and staff recommended me to take a pass out exam and been told that i have passed with flying colors and will be able to handle any task givin, please give me a call or text as soon as possible (313)575-9297
    Thank you 

  • Riopreto

    I am retired and my lady and i own a Class B+ 26 foot Motor home. Delivering motorhomes is something we would like to do. How do we get contacted and hired? I have a Class B Pa license and drive school bus also so i am experience in operating bigger vehilces. I can be contacted at riopreto@verizon.net.
    We reside in wester Pa and are flexible to travel and deliver RV’s whenever.
    Thank you
    C Kozlowski

    • Curtis

      Riopreto,  Do an internet search for drive-a-way companies near you or within range of where you are willing to drive.  Then get in touch with them and see where it takes you.  Some of the larger companies may no care where you are in the country as long as you are able to pick up the RV and get it to its destination.

  • Lesliedunca187

    I absolutely love to drive and love to travel.  I have been looking for ways to see the country and since my employment has never afforded me the means to take many road trips other than day trips around my own
    area in Ontario an hour and a half north of Toronto. I would be very interested in delivering RV’s.  I drove a large school bus for almost 12 years and although I don’t currently have the required license I would get it in a heartbeat if there was a job available.
    Please contact me at leslieduncan187@msn.com if anyone can provide further information.

  • Nhoover777

    I would love to give this a try. I love to travel & have been looking for a way to do so more frequently. Please contact me at: nhoover777@yahoo.com. Thanks. Nathan

  • Jeremy

    My name is Jeremy, I have had my CDL for 10 years, I have a great driving record, am responsible and I’m interested in getting into this field.  Please contact me at livenlife2009@yahoo.com

  • tom beach

    my name is tom i have a ford f550 and would like to start moving campers i drove tractor trailer for years my email is deerman32003@yahoo.com

  • Alekzandarrankin

    Hi. My name is Alex. I first heard about transporting RV’s a couple years ago and have been trying, unsuccessfully, to obtain a job doing so. Can you send me any information on this topic. I have a crystal clear MVR and have a lot of experience driving all sorts of vehicles. My email is Alekzandarrankin@yahoo:disqus

    Thank you for your time & consideration.

    • Curtis

      Alekzandarrankin, You don’t mention why you have been unsuccessful.  Do you have a class “A” commercial license? Have you contacted reputable drive-away services? Is there any demand for drivers in your area?   

  • Wayne Lein

    Have Done a lot of work driving RV Motorhomes for Nascar Comercials, Here in Charlotte n. c. and would like to Have a Job To Deliver them in the us. my email is wayne.lein@att.net Would like to here from you.

  • Ralilly

    I am a retired over the road truck driver and mechanic, have owned travel trailers and 5th wheels and traveled for years. Currently have a 35` Jayco 5th wheel, I`m interested in transporting and delivering RV`s.   Rex Lilly  ralilly@windstream.net

  • Martrucking

    Hello my name is Donnie I have a  transportation co and have my own authority here in texas and we are going thur so slow times with my big truck,  I have a ford f250 diesel 4×4 with fithwheel gooseneck ect , looking to pick up some work hauling traliers ect please contact me at martrucking@gmail.com thanks 

  • Marlene

    Hi my name is Marlene, I’am recently retired and am looking for extra income. I drove a school bus for  13 years, and still have a CDL /class B license. I can update any needed endorsements without any problems since I have a clean driving record. My dream has always been to travel after I retired.
    I also drove a Motor Coach for a Chartering service, and that’s when I really knew I liked being out on the road.           

  • Jndfrederick

    My name John I have a class A license I am a retired truck driver with thirty years experance


  • Douglas

    Hello, would love an opportunity to transport RV’s cross country. I just took a buy out from my company and I am done with the corp world for awhile and looking for an adventure. Highly dependable and successful.


  • Harkyall

    My name is Tim. I have a CDL A with tx endorsments. I got hurt on the job so haven’t been able to get back in Doctor release. But can still drive. totally clear drivers record. Have had RVs. Interested in driving motor homes. Email harkyall@yahoo.com  Thanks for taking the time to read this and helping people:)

  • Lance

    Lance McDaniel Ex OTR driver with CDL A. Call me consider the job done, very flexible. I live in the Northern suburbs of Detroit, MI. Call or email 248-425-8285 or Freeshippingquotes@gmail.com.

  • steve

    Hello i am interested in a driving cross country job.I have done this many times for one shipping company in California.  My email is  alfaog@gmail.com. my name is Steve. hope to hear from you soon.

  • Berney Vonk

    I am interested in driving your RV to where ever you need it. I have driven cross country many times. I have taken a RV safety course and have owned a 40 ft Monaco. I live in the Northwest. 503-816-1479

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UCJPO54KJYU4QVVSJNCE3HY6Z4 randy

    Interested in transporting RV. I have  CDL and drive school bus. I live in the northwest. 503 842 5609 randy gottier

  • Bonnie

    My husband and I are newly retired and looking for something to do.  Have driven delivery vehicles for years.  Not interested in trailers.  Available anytime for any place.  Excellent driving records.  Bonnie

    • sam

      Hello Bonnie
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • Rick

    Do you need your motor home or truck and travel trailer moved for you?

    My name is Rick and I am a semi-retired professional trucker
    living in the foothills of the Ozarks in north-central Arkansas.

    I can safely and efficiently move your vehicle anywhere in North America.

    Email me, and let me tell you about my experience and what I can do for you.

    contact me at   ricks.lodge@yahoo.com

    • sam

      Hello Rick
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • Don0358

    My name is Don Townsend, I have been driving prevost entertainer coaches for over 30 years, perfect driving record, Prevost, MCI , not only have I travel all the us, I have been trained to drive the best of country and rock and roll entertainers. I can deliver your coach or Drive you on your private motor coach . I can be contacted at Don0358@aol.com. Or phone

  • Harley Daniel

    I have pulled new RVs from Indianna to dealers.  I have a 2004 F-250 with towing package (5th Wheel).  I have been driving vehicles for Ameri-Fleet on special project and it is finished.  I would like to pull RVs for you.  My e-mail is lkdharley@yahoo.com.  Please contact me and I would like to discuss this.  Thanks. Harley Daniel

  • Harley Daniel

    I have delivered RVs before and am professional driver at this time.  My e-mail is lkdharley@yahoo.com.  I would like to pull RVs.

  • Martin Stevens

    I’m intrested in becoming a RV driver. I have a 2000 Ford super duty 3/4 ton. I have pulled a 30′ 5th wheel for over 15 years. What do I  have to do become a driver.


  • donna & terry

    my husband and i are can deliver your RV ACROSS CONTRY very safely !! available anytime , any place , at your convenience !! e-mail us and we will respond immediately back to you with any questions you may have , so ask whatever it is need to know . have a GREAT DAY !! We look forward to hearing from all of you . terry & donna ( our e-mail address is   nurse038@aol.com  thank you .)

  • Billy/travelers

    We are interested in transporting RV’s,motor homes, trailers ect. our home location until March is Florida. We own a 2011, Dodge Ram 3500 5th. Wheel. Our schedule is open to transporting as needed. Please feel free to contact us at rdrunner33@msn.com

  • Jpp_

    35 yrs as commercial truck driver 2,000,000 + accident free miles Canada and Alaska Experience. I have passport and a very clean MVR record. I reside in Mesa,AZ looking to deliver motor homes.

    • sam

      Hello Jpp
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • Lori

    I am very interested in delivering rv’s. I am at that point in my life where I want to travel and this would be a great way to do it. You can contact me at nanniesangels@yahoo.com

  • Jdw1043

    I am interested in driving motorhomes whereever they might be going. I am retired from Greyhound Lines, Inc., with 30 years of experience. I can be reached at jdw1043@verizon.net

    • sam

      Hello Jdw1043,
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • Golden Rule inc.

    Interested in moving Rv’s for delivery. West coast prefered but anywhere is possible. I have privately owned Peterbuilt semi trucks not for commercial use. Rv purposes. And have towed many fifth wheel and bumper pull trailers I have owned up to 48′ fifth wheel trailers. And owned up to 40′ off shore boats with bumper pull triple axel trailers. Pulling them all over from Seattle, WA. to Key West, FL.


  • Eddie G

    I was on the road for 7 yrs. Full-timing. From the east to west coast, From VanCouver to San Diego, And From Boston, Mass. To Key West, Florida. Would like to get on the road again. I’d had a 40 ft. Diesel pusher by Natinal RV. TropiCal LX. and my small car still has the Tow system on it to hook it up to any vehicle and go. I don’t need anyone to pick me up. I’m available anytime. Contact me by E-mail at,  Yoursrvd2@Yahoo.com or call my Cell at ( 678-901-7115 )  Ready and able.

  • RV Driver

    I have been on the road for the last 4 years. Full time,enjoying my retirement crusing america in my 36 foot motorhome. I enjoy driving the big motorhomes so much i want you to contact me so i can deliver your home to you from anywhere in America. Just send me a plane or bus ticket and ill arrive at your destination to transport your RV to you or to the person you sold it to. Email me at rvdriver888@live.com for pictures and other information.  Tommy 

    • Curtis

      Robert Harms, Speaking from my own personal experience if this is to be your primary income source you’re going to get pretty hungry. As a second retirement income it can be a lot of fun. By the way most companies will require you to use a tow bar to pull your “get home” vehicle rather than a dolly.

    • sam

      Hello Tommy
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • Dannyk51

    I’m looking for a RV to transport from Minneapolis or vicinity to California leaving about July 16. I have a class a CDL with 10 years experience. I’m retired and looking for a road trip to CA. I would be happy to deliever anyplace in CA.


  • S.C.Hightower

    Iam a retired person looking for some light work. I retired both from the U.S.Navy (20 years) and the Federal civil service (35 years)  . I have a California commercial drivers license (ATXP) doubles,tankers and hazmat. I am a non smoker, non drinker with 50 years experience. Iam based in San Diego CA. My e-mail ie jodog59@hotmail.com.  Smokey Hightower

    • sam

      Hello Smokey
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • http://www.facebook.com/tallpd Paul Devine

    Dependable driver would like to transport a car or light truck from Detroit to Port Charlotte, Fl (or general area). I’m moving and need transportation.
    Contact Paul

  • Bob Derendinger

    I am looking for work driving RV’s. I live in the North East (PA) and am willing to travel anywhere in North America. I like being kept busy.  I am retired but- I don’t want to be tired…you can contact me at
    rlderendinger@yahoo.com  or cell  717-460-6679

  • Charles ToalToalhouse1

    I am interested in delivering RV units, auto or truck anywhere in the USA. I hold a clean Class A CDL with Hazmat, tanker and passenger endorsements. I reside in Delray Beach Fl. 33445. 

    Contact Charlie

  • Sabatino_pendolino

    Hello, I have an opportunity to drive a 38′ allegro
    motorhome for a company’s marketing division. I have some experience driving
    big box trucks and towing experience. What are some of the training options for
    a guy like me? The motorhome will be converted into a mobile office for the top
    executives of the company to travel to promotional events, business trips etc…..
    Hoping someone may be able to give me some good insight of the steps I should
    take on becoming a safe driver. I have seen some training courses, are they worth
    the money, and is there any in the Georgia, Alabama areas?

  • Curtis

    Sabatino-pendolino, If you are comfortable driving big box trucks and towing you should only find large RV’s more comfortable and less tiring on long hauls.  It’s the size, or bulk of a large class “A” motorhome that can be intimidating in traffic for those who normally don’t drive anything bigger than a soccer Mom’s van.  

    Here’s a link to one training source in Georgia:  http://www.justdrivertraining.com/specialized-driver-training.shtml  a search on the subject is likely to provide others.  Their value is for you to determine, I’ve been a class A commercial driver off and on for 30 years with almost a million miles and no accidents.  I learned the old school method, “Just get in the cab and do it”.   Good defensive driving techniques will let you adjust to most new type vehicles until you’re comfortable with them.

    • Sabatino_pendolino

      Thank you Curtis for your reply, I will research the link
      you provided, also search for others out there. Do you think it would be a good
      decision to get a CDL license?

      • Curtis

        Sabatino,  Assuming the motorhome is a company vehicle, being driven for business purposes you are “REQUIRED”  to have a minimum of a class “B” CDL.  If it has air brakes, which is common on diesel pusher coaches, you must also have an Air Brake endorsement.  If you  carry passengers you will also be required to have a passenger endorsement.  You must follow all DOT requirements including entering all weigh station scales, maintaining a log book, and staying within the allowed hours of work and driving rules.  You must possess current medical certification as well.  This is commercial driving and you must follow the same rules as the tractor trailer rigs on the highway including random drug testing which your company must arrange.  Maybe you better check out a truck driving school after all.  There’s much more to commercial driving than pointing a rig down the highway.

  • Curtis

    Sabatino, To the best of my knowledge, yes the DOT rules would still apply.  Because the motorhome’s purpose is to support a company, not take your family on a private vacation, it’s considered a commercial vehicle.  I think the CDL training would be sufficient for you.  Good Luck 

    • Angela W. Moore

      Hello, my name is Angela Moore…. I currently have a C D L  ( B ) W/ a P & S endoresment… I have been transporting all kinds & sizes of New School Buses,all over the U S & Canada ….and I am Looking for something different….I am looking at getting into transporting new Motor Coaches, as well !  How do I get in touch with someone for an interview?

             Thanks…..     you can call me  @ 336-476-1900 

  • Love2drive

    I have over 20 years experience as a commercial truck driver – with over 2,000,000 accident free miles I operated in the 48 U.S. states and Canada. I also have a passport and a very clean driving record (CDL A). I currently live in Michigan and am looking to relocate to Southeast U.S. but will run anywhere in the U.S. I and am looking to transport Motorhomes. I would also be willing to transport cars or trucks.Email me to discuss any opportunities.Jeffwda1204@hotmail.com

  • Rrossi183

    my email is rrossi183@yahoo.com

    • Curtis

      Rrossi183, Most drive away companies are located in areas where RV’s are manufactured.  Indiana, the west coast, and so on.  A Google search will give  you some leads.  Remember this is a nationwide occupation.  The place that hires you doesn’t have to be in your hometown.  It can be in the next state, or half way across the country.   

  • Margaret Niesen

    We are a group of 6 retired seniors, aged 73 to 78.  We are planning on driving to Alaska, End of May into June of 2013.  We would love to drive your vehicle up to Alaska, and then fly back home to Minnesota.  If you are looking for someone to drive or transport, then please give us a post.   email:  mhzfarmgirl@yahoo.com

  • http://www.carportsinbrisbane.com.au/ carports Brisbane

    Motorhomes are not challenging to drive, and that is one purpose they have become so well-known. If you are an knowledgeable car owner, you can accommodate the higher dimension, weight, and dimension a rv. But when you are behind the rim of your RV, it is a good option to make use of all your protecting ability to generate.

  • Nmotionautotransport

    If you are tired of driving your family RV and would like to
    fly back home without having to worry about how the RV will get back, call
    NMotion. Here at NMotion Auto Transport we can help ship your RV back home if
    you are not planning on driving it anymore. Call is free and the QUOTE is FREE!

  • http://www.paulstaxiservice.com/ Pclark

    I drive a taxi in Southern Indiana and Louisville Ky. I offer discounts to transport drivers anywhere within a 200 mile radius,you won’t know if you don’t ask ! call Paul’s Taxi 502-468-9463

  • Larry Bryan

    am interested in learning more about driving RV’s…former long haul driver…someone please contact me…lajubr@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.p.farrington Linda Porter Farrington

    We have our own transporting business and are looking for a larger avenue to utilize our business. We are DOT and MC certified and fully insured. Jeff at dodgecreektransport@gmail.com

  • John Ford

    I enjoy driving, and I’ve been commercial driver for several years now,with a clean (M.V.R).. I have my own dual axle truck and fifth wheel hookup,if you have freight.. I’m interested in learning more about the( R.V) driving industry…please contact me at : johnfordcapital@yahoo.com

    Thank you!!

  • Cmtul


    I’ve been pulling a 5th wheel for the past few years, and used to have a smaller tow behind. I’m active duty and currently stationed in north carolina. I’m interested in delivering RV’s for part time when im of duty. If anyone has any tips or information on how I could started I would be forever appreciative.


    Very respectfully,

  • alfredo lopez

    hello my name is alfredo lopez, I have a 2007 toyota tundra is a one ton pick up truck and im interested in working for you pulling your RV.
    sell phone #214-659-2020

    • Jun Cocjin

      I have an experienced pulling RV trailer already with my 1 ton pick up truck but i am very interested driving a Motor Home from factory to dealerships in Canada. If anyone knows a company looking for drivers please email me or call my cell: 403-606-2568. I appreciate it so much.
      Thank you,

  • http://www.facebook.com/lawrenceallan.silver Lawrence Allan Silver


  • Terese

    Hello — I am interested in finding more information. hpischner@gmail.com Thank you

  • Larry

    I’m on the road quite often, and love seeing the wonder of our country, America the beautiful. . Great references, veteran, clean record,enjoying life responsibly, love and respect my fellow people. I enjoy transporting motorhomes , please contact me to deliver your home anywhere in North America. I will do all I can for you to keep your expenses to a minimum,and will deliver on time. Email me at write2fight@gmail.com LarryHave a great day!3 •Reply•Share ›

  • Lawrence Adams

    I will be driving my Dodge ram 1500 cross country and looking to make a little extra money in doing so. If you have a bumper pull trailer that needs to be moved from Washington state to North Caorlina please email me at peanut2542003@yahoo.com. My name is Lawrence Adams and I am 31 years old have had zero accidents and my vehicle is fully insured along with anything I tow with it.

  • Jeepster

    I am interested in motorhomes…..or towable campers, delivering them nationwide. I have an excellent driving record, a class C North Carolina drivers license, (with no points). I am retired military…a seasoned camper…..a Good sam member….and extremely interested. My email address is; b.dillard54@yahoo.com.
    Thanks !

    • sam

      Hello Jeepster
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • Alan Speck

    i would love too do this i have CDL-A AND OTR supperriger@yahoo.com
    i am ready

  • thebreeze

    The Dot requires motel receipts, although this is rarely enforced. The driveaway company won’t tell you that, doesn’t pay for it, expects you to save them money by breaking the law by sleeping in the unit. Also, they don’t give a damn how or if you ever get back. Unless you’re one of those scab retirees on a pension, expect to eat a lot of Flying J hot dogs and bananas.

  • Javonda Stevenson
  • bdscott67

    I have been an OTR Driver for 3+ years, and have a perfect MVR. I would like more info on being an RV transporter. Email me at bdscott67@gmail.com please.

  • bdscott67

    Hello, My name is Betty and I have been an OTR driver for the past 3+ years hauling dry van, refrigerated freight and tankers. I have a spotless MVR, and would like to get into driving motorhomes, either as a professional driver for a personal owner, or a transporter. I can be reached at bdscott67@gmail.com
    P.S. I’m sorry if this post showed up twice. The first post that I wrote seems to have disappeared.


    • sam

      Hello Betty
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.cromley Ronald Cromley

    Hi, my name is Ron, I worked for a company and we traveled all over the US. I also spent 2 years and 6 months in Vietman with the Combat Engs. I have CDL class B with Air. Non Drinker and very much to to the task of Driving a Coach where ever when ever . ronald-cromley@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.eilerswheeler Susan Eilers-Wheeler

    Are there companies out there that could transport a person from Sacramento CA to Upper Marlboro MD in a motor home. (mind you, the motor home is owned by you and not the person in Sacramento) Just checking right now for the near future. Thanks. Sue W

  • Curtis

    Susan Eilers-Wheeler , I doubt if you will find any “Company” willing to make such a journey. If you did be assured it would be horrendously expensive. Your best bet would be to run an ad looking for someone already headed that direction who would like a paying passenger.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.harms.718 Robert Harms

    I have been wanting to find more information on this type of work. My uncle passed away recently and never got a chance to ask about it. He did it for ALOT of years.
    I, myself, have been driving truck for 15 years, with a clean MVR, and love to travel around and see the world. I am able to consider all options, from driving RV/Coach, pull trailers and drive drop deck. I am not much of a flyer, and may consider buying a hitch or dolly to pull a car behind me.
    My email is Rharms90@gmail.com

  • Brian

    Experienced Driver out of northern Florida any size RV,Truck ect.. Willing to go anywhere in the country…fees are open for discussion…great MVR and non smoker, drinker..contact anytime Rugslayer3@aol.com 3523616257

  • Shawn meier

    Greetings, I was reading about the RV transporter jobs and thought I would add to the discussion.
    Disclosure: CDL Instructor for the state of Washington as well as Kenworth/Paccar.

    Most RV companies will require a class A CDL with the air brake restriction removed and some experience. A current Medical card – long form and most likely a drug test. In addition, you must now show a health card if you need/want to drive a commercial vehicle between states. Intrastate versus interstate.

    For those looking to get a CDL, the DOT requires 160 hours of classroom training/instruction. Those classes run anywhere between $2000-$5000 + dollars per class. This does not include the department of licensing fees, which just went up in my state. Costs will vary between the different states. Here is a sample of ours: http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/fees.html

    As for just going to the RV manufacturer don’t be surprised if they insist that you agree to become an independent contractor. Form 1099 and such. You will most likely be required to carry an insurance policy of $1,000,000-$5,000,000 coverage. This amout seems to be standard in the industry.

    Best of luck to you all.

    • nobigbang

      Bunch of false information. Everybody thinks they know it all. I will bet that Shawn Meier drives a dually pick up truck with a fifth wheel. He is NOT a driveaway driver but a towaway driver. He is talking about companies all requiring class A cdl’s but that is only for guys driving pickup trucks. The driveaway divisions don’t require cdl’s to drive class c units or step vans. If you want to drive Diesel pushers or class A motor homes commercially, then you will need a minimum of a Class B cdl. Thats it. Class A is for towing.

      • Curtis

        nobigbang, Sorry but you are misinformed. I drove for a driveaway company and they required a class “A” cdl because you where expected to deliver both. types of RV’s. If you didn’t have a class A, you didn’t drive at all because they wouldn’t hire you.

  • Ernest Todd

    I would like to deliver “Motor Homes.” I am single and I’m able to drive for a long periods of time. So if you want a dedicated honest person contact me at (909) 781-7608. My name is Ernie.

  • Don Valenti

    Hi I am looking to do drive aways. I have a very clean driving record and love driving. I drive my own 35 foot motor home and have been driving tow trucks for the last 6 years.

    • william kerr

      Looking for driver to pull 35′ rv about 200 miles. My truck. please contact NOW.
      wmklsk@yahoo.com Need your phone #.

    • sam

      Hello Don,
      Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
      on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • Don Valenti
  • Karen and Mike Barton

    Interested in transporting RV’s. We are retired from City of Phoenix

  • awrongway2002@yahoo.com

    they are all way to cheap you cant make any money doing it i have about lost my butt trying to do it guess ill move under a bridge its all a scam you have to put the gas or diesel in them..really what crap

  • Jeannie Icenhour

    Hello.I am a single Mother of 2 young men 25 and 22. I have had my CDLs for 8 years now.haven driven a Transport hauler for Tide Motorsports(PPI) and Penske Racing, Evernham Motorsports,PPC,Richard Petty Motorsports, carrying out alot of task and responsibilities. Being responsible for millions of dollars worth of equipment and the duty of keeping the hauler clean and to the millions of other motorist on the Highway,looking like a rolling billboard was the main goal. Now that my children are grown and i enjoyed the lifestyle and such a people person not to mention seeing the Country,I have a huge desire to be an asset to any team. Having grown up raised on a farm driving tractors, Bulldozers,cattle/Horse/Stock Trailers/Boats etc Drove school Bus for while as well, I have had alot of experience,also Mechanical knowledge. I come from a long line of Truck Drivers in my FAMILY. My goal now is to get a position even if its part time to earn a better life for myself.I have been in Nascar since 2002 and drove with my Husband. I know and have alot of wonderful friends and References and excellent Driving Record. Driven vehicles from car Dually school Bus, to a 18 wheeler with 52′.several trips out West to every race track back to NC. Please take in my cosideration of wanting to get your vehicle to/from and on a safe timely manner and care and duties I am aware of so sure few things have changed but Im a very hard worker and follow directions and catch on fast willing to learn and make your experience pleasurable. I’m so ready to make a change in my life and travel after being married 25years and together 29 husband decides he wants to have a very recent good medical card as well.move in with a Soldiers wife and ups and leaves.I deserve a good life and disease and drug free.It;s my time to shine…Thank You~Jeannie R Icenhour Po Box 1033,Granite Falls,NC 28630…cell 828-201-9788

  • Stephen Murr

    I have always dreamed of traveling across country this could be the break i have been looking for !! SteveHarleyDavidson66@google.com

  • Shane

    My sister wants/needs to go to a cancer treatment clinic in Phoenix. We live in Edmonton.
    We are thinking of renting (or buying?) a RV to do the trip… she cant fly or operate a vehicle.

    Would like to know if there is someone on here (or where we might find a person) that would be willing/able to drive with her (likely need 2 drivers to “go through the night”) it is 2800km or so.

    She plans to be at the clinic for 2mo or so then come home. Using the RV as “home away from home”

    Any one with suggestions?

    Call me at 780 700 5110


  • http://www.facebook.com/katy.bavarofox Katy Bavaro Fox

    I am looking for people who need an RV moved from Seattle area to Florida Area. How do I go about finding these folks?

    • Curtis

      Katy Bravaro Fox, You get a CDL license, you get hired by a driveaway company, and you haul or drive RVs where ever the company wants them delivered to. You don’t get to pick and chose where you want to go. It’s a job, like any other, with rules, regulations, and guidelines that must be met.

  • grandpatbear1@netscape.net

    Ted Henrichs
    I’m 62 with 30 years of city bus driving in the twin cities. I’m retired now and looking for something to do. grandpatbear1@netscape .net

    • sam

      Hello Ted,
      Would you like to drive our rented motor home on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from
      Los Angeles to San Diego? Please call me if you do.
      Sam Yap 865-696-5679

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamie.schaab Jamie Schaab

    Hi I’m Jamie, I am interested in transporting campers. I have a 2005 chevy 1500 4×4. Most places that I have looked require a a 3/4 ton diesel, is there a company that will assist me in getting a bigger truck with fhe proper equipment and loads. Please help me any information will be greatly appreciated. Please email me at schs_jschaab@hotmail.com

    • Curtis

      Jamie, Your local bank or credit union. I doubt there is a trucking company out there that will financially participate in getting you a more appropriate truck. Once you sign on with one of the Drive Away companies that have contracts to deliver RV’s from the manufacturer to the dealers, they will provide the loads. The truck on the other hand is totally up to you, as long as what you get meets their requirements. That said, they may also require previous experience as a commercial driver before they will sign you on.

  • Wade Wenstad

    Hi, I am a retired truck driver due to several back surgeries. My wife and I bought a fifth wheel and moved to redding California to be close to her family. I do not have cdl license anymore cause California you have to rent a truck and take all the tests again when you move here. I would like to get into transporting trailers for some income and need some advice. My email is wwenstad@gmail.com. I would appreciate any help.

  • mark Jennings

    I am a 51 year old British airline pilot/helicopter pilot (with a commercial truck license as well). I am looking for a class C, class B or 5th wheel (with truck) RV that needs to be moved from anywhere on the Eastern US coast to California. I arrive into New York on 19th August and depart San francisco on Sept 4th. I am totally flexible and available to transport your RV within that time period.
    I am tea total and non smoker. In 35 years of driving/flying I am proud to say I have never scratched the paintwork, let alone had an accident. I will treat your beloved RV like royalty and deliver it clean and unscathed to Sunny California, I will even pay the fuel costs if you cover the insurance side of things. So, If you have an RV needing to be transported to California please do contact me. many thanks Mark Jennings.
    email mrmarkjennings@me.com

  • hamid r. naeeni
  • http://www.diamondvalleycottages.com/ Eastern Ontario cottage rental

    We cycled past the near
    “clothing optional” beaches to prevent at the colony purpose
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    reflective pools and also the pier that comes southward from the islands. A
    buffet provides welcome refreshments and a bicycle rental booth is found here that
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  • http://www.diamondvalleycottages.com/ Eastern Ontario cottage rental

    this kind of {information} is especially necessary to
    out-of-towners UN agency try to know this town and my co-traveller from
    American state definitely appreciated this information.

  • Kyle Sundgren

    I’m trying to travel West Coast to East coast in a motorhome. I had some questions about a few things. If someone would contact me by e-mail I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


    • Curtis

      Kyle, I’ll do my best to answer your questions right here? Ask away.

  • http://behaviorbalance.com/ Jack Madison

    I am a 45 year old who has used auto driveaway on several occasions. I have driven back and forth across this country over 100 times in the past 27 years of my adult life. I would like to find an RV that needs to go from the New England area over to the NorthWest region of the country…(namely Seattle).
    jackmadison@beehivelounge.com is my email.
    Thank you.

  • Michelle

    I have owned a couple rv’s travel trailers and am very comfortable driving/caring for them. I would like to transport an RV with my immediate family from Sacramento to Phoenix area AZ during July 5th-9th. Michelle mbaeza13@gmail.com

  • PajamaJan

    I am 56 and relocating from Orange County, CA to Palm Beach County, FL and available to drive your Class C or Class A motorhome one-way. I have a perfect driving record and am fully insured. Last summer, I took 4 teenage girls and a adult-friend (who drives on the wrong side of the road in NZ) on a road trip up Hwy 1 in a 38′ Class A through Big Sur, camping down near a river and returned it back to OC without a scratch. I don’t smoke, don’t party and am very responsible. I need a vehicle that can tow my car and carry my boxes to Florida safely, including my 78 year old mother. I would like to leave July 6th (although I’m a bit flexible on that) and give myself a week to arrive in the Ft. Lauderdale area. References and driving record available upon request. Please contact Jannette at 661-904-5173.

  • nigel mayer

    Hi I live in Vegas and want to earn money driving a motor home class C anywhere in the country. my number is 619-992-5685

  • kelly hannigan lewis

    Able to drive your RV – NE Pennsylvania/Boston/NY/DC areas to West Coast/Phoenix July/ early August. Kelly 480 217-8988 or email Kellyhlewis@aol.com.

  • charles heaslet

    would like to pull trailers behind my pickup have class a cdl in calif. email charlesheaslet@yahoo.com

  • Don Yandel

    Am interested in an opportunity to transport pull behinds and motor homes. Have C.D.L. Class A license. My wife and I have been owner operators and driven in all 48 and Canada. I have driven a Private Bus, Motor Home, Pull Behinds and Fifth Wheels. Neither of us use tobacco, alcohol or non prescribed drugs. I will furnish required insurance and pick up with tow behind and fifth wheel arrangement. We can be out for ex-tended periods of time. We both have clean driving and criminal records.
    Contact: Home 803-283-9065 Cell 803-320-1039 Email maggeymae@gmail.com
    Thank you, Don Yandel

  • Darryl Brown

    My name is Darryl Brown I’am retired Vet and I was a CDL driver for 29 yrs I’m 56 yrs old
    I also have a friend that is retired from the railroad and we both are interested in Motorhome delivery we are from California Los Angeles area we are looking for extra income pls E-mail me back with info to get us started can leave immediate spcflv18@yahoo.com thank you Darryl Brown

    • sam

      Dear Darryl,
      Please contact me at 865-696-5679.
      I am looking for a driver to driver a rented 40 feet motor home from L.A to San Diego on 10/31 and 11/1.
      Thank you.
      Sam Yap

  • Andrea Hepner

    I am middle aged lady with 25+ years driving experience, last 10 driving class A and C motor home. Clean driving record, looking for short or long distance RV delivery opportunities. Please email ahepner69@gmail.com or call. (270)256-2698. Thanks! Andrea

  • Steve Tucker

    9 Years as a over the road truck driver and 18 years in the powersports business as a General Manager I am 55 and interested in driving or towing RV’s I have a 2003 Dodge 3500 with a Cummings Diesel contact info is sltucker58@yahoo.com

  • james c christian

    17 years as a recovery specialist business owner, I have transported all types and sizes of rvs and busses. I can transport to and from anywhere. please contact me @ 256-293-6373 or chargerinvestigations@yahoo.com

  • S. Bell

    Experienced RVr with clean driving record. Looking for occasional delivery opportunities of class A and class C RVs. Current Chauffer license. Contact me at 317-590-8355

    • Mahendra Kamdar

      Please contact mdkamdar@gmail.com for our seven members group proposing to tour north to south to west side of USA. Our period is 2nd Oct 2014 to about 15th Nov 2014. Write your experience details and your terms to accept the assignment.

  • Traveler

    Can anyone tell me the type of FLORIDA CDL license I will require to transport 5th wheels and/or trailers weighing less than 10,000 pds, with my 08 Ford F-150 5.4L. The company I am interested is says I have to have a FLORIDA type commercial driving license to do this.
    I’ve checked with Florida DOT and since the combined weight will be more than 26K pounds and any trailer I would tow would be less than 10K pounds I can not find a reason for any type CDL licensing. Taxi and commerical vehicles under 26K pounds seem to not require a CDL.
    Please advise

    • http://batman-news.com karle ham

      You can’t haul 26,000 lb with a F 150 or F 250 for that matter. GCVWR of a F 250 is 22,000. A
      F 350 will, it must be equipped with a 26000 lb cap 5th wheel, no fuel tank higher than the bed of the pickup due to clearance problems with 5th wheels and you don’t want to do it. It’s 1.35 avg one way only and you get very few return hauls. (backhaul is a dirty word because it means they cut your pay) You have to ahve insurance, liscense, and you can’t sleep in new trailers or use the heat in winter. It’s non profit and my brother is one who can testify to it as he owns a 1 ton Dodge which is sitting in his yd in PA while he drives big truck. You live in motels and eat crappy food and run like hell to deliver then run ety for 2500 miles to pickup at your expense. You must live by DOT hrs rules and inspections. It is really a crap industry and I just called Horizon and they won’t even answer questions. If you want to double your money, fold it in half and put it back in your pocket. Go become a mechanic on big trucks and make some money.

      • Jeffrey Kidwell

        this is so not true. while it is true that with most companies , backhauls are few are far between , it is not the same with all companies. I know from doing this for the last 4 years there is money to be made if you are with the right company that looks out for thier drivers. My personal advise is to check out the companies you are interested in and find out how many drivers they currently have and what thier backhaul percentage is. I typically haul one RV out of indiana and do 2 to 3 backhauls beofre i ever get back to indiana to pick up another RV. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is how much do you want to make the job work for you. I am typically out 2 weeks at a time. It took me driving for 4 different companies befor i found one that fit me well and now i wouldnt haul for anyone else.

        • Joey

          Mr. Kidwell,
          I am very interested in getting into this business but cautious of stumbling into companies with poor track records with the drivers they hire. May I ask what company you work for since you seem to be abundantly satisfied with their treatment of you?
          Thank you…

          • Terry D. Waters

            I’m looking into hauling and would love to know the name of the company.

        • Safe home

          What company name ? Michaelmessing@icloud.com 248-770-4649’text ?

  • http://batman-news.com karle ham

    I would highly recommend carrying a camera and taking pictures of all angles of anything you do haul. May save a big bill along the way. The worst trailers are the Govt. trailers stored in LA asa most are wet inside and fall apart going down the road plus they weigh in at around 1/2 more than they should and drag like brakes are on.

  • Kristian Rex

    Father and Son driving team looking to deliver RV from SF to NYC June 15. Please contact Kristianrex@gmail.com

  • Mahendra Kamdar

    We are a group of seven adults from India. Wish to hire a motor home prefereably from Chicago, sight seeing next to New York etc sight seeing next to Orlando Sight seeing next to Miami Sight seeing next to LA sight seeing and SF sight seeing and drop Motor Home. Our period is 2nd Oct 2014 to about 15th Nov 2014. We need a driver who is experienced in driving Motor Home for our proposed trip. If anybody is interested, please contact email. to mdkamdar@gmail.com as soon as possible please.

    with details of your experience and also your terms and conditions.

  • mike

    looking to transport class A or class C motorhome to or from san diego

  • Mike

    I’m hoping to find someone that needs a vehicle driven to Anchorage, Alaska. I’m currently in Arizona, but can arrange to pick up most anywhere. Thanks! ~mike dokauai@gmail.com

  • Dawn Maitri

    I can help… Provide safe, prompt Transport of your MotorHome to Florida (July or August 2014) from Southwest. (CA, AZ, NM, NV) Formally Owned and travelled the country in my 32 ft Coachman Leprehcaun Class C Motorhome. Logged tens of thousand of miles. Professional Jeep Driver (Tour Guide). Can drive anything! Needing to get to Florida to visit my children and grandchildren for an extended stay. Experienced, Honest, CLEAN and trustworthy! Excellent PERFECT driving record! dawnmariesaul@yahoo.com

  • Jonathon

    I am looking to Find someone who needs a Car or truck or motorhome / RV delivered to Winnipeg Manitoba in the next couple months. I have a clean drivers abstract and have been driving since i was 16 I am now 30 and been all over Canada.


  • http://FreeMoneySite.info FreeMoneySite.info

    This sounds neat.

  • Matt Lief Anderson

    I would drive anywhere in America, Canada, or Alaska in the next few months preferably from Chicago. Email me : mattliefanderson@gmail.com

  • jack03jsp

    I have owned several 5th wheel travel trailers and I own a dodge 2500 diesel. I would be very much interested in learning more about this line of work as I do enjoy travel. Lawson. contact me at jack03jsp@yahoo.com

  • Miquel Moreno

    Hello there! I am very interested in working in USA, I am Spanish, and I would love to live in America, I can do to work as a courier rv? Thank you! Contact me at cifuentes91@hotmail.com

  • Wayne and Susan Gilbert

    Hello Our names are Wayne and Susan Gilbert. We are very interested in delivering Moter homes in the US or Canada. We do have current passports. My husband has a class A CDL and has worked as a truck driver for several years. You can contact us at grandpawayne_nina@yahoo.com

  • sam

    Hello Don,
    Please call me at 865-696-5679 if you wanted to drive our rented 40 feet motor home
    on 10/31/14 and 11/1/14 from Los angeles to san Diego and back to Los Angeles.
    Thank you.
    Sam Yap

  • tessa

    I have a cdl everything except hazmat want to deliver rvs in the southeastern part of the country if you need a driver for your company drop me a line at whitedoveflys@msn.com tku Tessa

  • Jennie Frederiksen

    My husband and are retired and we would love to help you out by delivering your motorhomes to dealers or for someone who needs a drivers to go to your winter home or back home. We drove semi for a living. We would deliver travel trailers also but we don’t have a big enough pickup to do so. If you have one with your travel trailer we would beable to help you out. Contact: jnlfred@aol.com or 662-231-9989 if no answer just leave a message and will get back to you.

  • timothy

    Available to deliver tractor, buses, motorhomes 40+. CDL-a with P endorsement. 600k miles experinecd in otr, motorcoach, personal vehicles. Freightliners, Bluebirds, Landmarks, Endurans, Sprinters. Will deliver-drive throughout US in timely responsible manner. Reasonable terms. timothydedwards@hotmail.com

  • Judy R. Johnson

    I traveled around the USA in my ClassB motorhome for all of 2013, but it’s getting old, and I still want to travel. I have my small towing car (Tracker) for return trips and would be interested in using my experience with all classes and sizes of motorhomes, my Thousand Trails and other memberships, passport, and very clean driving record, to keep on traveling — while supplementing my early-retirement income. I am also an experienced 5th-wheel driver (hauling RVs and livestock trailers), but don’t own a suitable pickup at this time. Presently, I have a desk-job contract that lasts until early December 2014 and I am otherwise committed for events in early February in the Pacific NW. Email: jrj@fidalgo.net

  • Tony Lee

    I live in the Savannah, Ga. area. I will drive your RV, Truck or any Vehicle that is within Class B limits. I have driven Class A, B, commercial trucks, and flatbed. My latest being a 39′ ft. Monaco. I prefer to stay in the S.East area but will consider offers. I have a clean record with NOTHING on them. I have been @ commercial vehicles all my life. I usually can tell if something mechanical goes wrong, but I do not work on them anymore. Thank You for your time! tonynmnlee@yahoo.com

  • jesse perrin

    i am a 55 year old professional driver that is semi retired due to health reasons and a class c license with 36 years driving all types of rigs as well as commercial towing reach me at jmp59@comcast.net

  • Louis R McFatter

    Hi ! am a 57 year old professional Driver/Manager, If you are a snow bird going to or from Florida and you would prefer not to drive your RV or Automobile, I will drive it for you. I have a class A CDL with a P endorsement. I am a very good driver with experience across a wide range of vehicles. I live in Orlando Fl. and will gladly drive your vehicle from Florida to any U.S. or Canadian city or to Florida from the same.
    My email is rmcfattr@att.net I look forward to your inquiries. Thank you

  • http://mycowboycabin.com Gregory N. Perez

    Greetings, My name is Greg and I am retired from the US Army. (25 years) My wife and I live in Oregon and also own a home in Gulf Shores, AL. If you have a Class A motor home/coach or vehicle that needs to be moved to another part of the United States, I am at your service. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. My driving record is impeccable and I will provide you a DMV/Insurance proof upon request. Thanks for your time, Greg. email: gnpretire@yahoo.com
    Cell: 503-502-5300

  • Anthony Thedford

    Hello, my name is Anthony. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been a truck driver for over a year and I would love to switch over to moving RVs. I can easily be reached at 480 518 6372 or athedford@wustl.edu.

  • James

    Hey My name is James I am from Australia and Looking to go from New York to Chicago on the 14th to the 21st .
    My email is james.weston1@live.vu.edu.au
    I love driving big trucks so this is perfect for me.

  • Zhong Lin

    Like to drive from New York to any where
    Good driving record

  • Kevin Williams

    Hello, My name is Kevin. I live in Denver Colorado and Im looking for an opportunity to turn something that I would enjoy doing into a business. I have a VALID CDL CLASS A Colorado Drivers License and I’ve successfully held it for over 10 years. I have a good MVR and clean criminal background. im looking to travel to Texas or Indiana on a weekly bases.. I can be reached a Gatorminx@gmail.com … Im looking forward to speaking with you. Thanx!

  • Greg

    Hello, I live in central IL and would like to find someone that needs car to RV’s driven to Phoenix area once or twice a year, I was Chicago Teamster and work on farms so I have driven just about everything on wheels and hauled anything on a trailer. I do not use tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs, I have a clean driving record and criminal record. and I’ll do this for very little money. email me and I’ll call you back asap to answer any questions you have. Thank you for reading my ad.

  • Greg

    Hello,My name is Greg, I live in central Illinois and I’m looking to drive anything from your car to RV’s or CDL to and from IL to the Phoenix area once or twice a year, I was a Chicago Teamster and work on grain farms, so I driven almost everything on wheels and hauled a lot on trailers, I do not use Tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs, I have a clean driving record and a clean criminal record. I’m Insured for anything I drive,and will not cost you a lot of money. email me and I’ll get back to you asap on the phone !!
    gregm77@outlook.com thank you !! Greg

  • Robert Raffone

    Hi: My name is Robert and I am looking for an opportunity to transport a “driveaway” from Florida to California. The pickup point need not be in Florida and I can drive to wherever the RV is stored. In addition to many years of accident free and ticket free driving over thousands of miles, I also have a Certificate as a “Professional Defensive Driving Instructor” after attending 1000 hours of class training and several hundred hours of behind the wheel training of new drivers. I will safely transport your RV. I am fully insured for any vehicle I drive. If anyone is interested, I need a quick response to my email: doubler46@att.net

  • dellie

    hi my name is dellie i lived in new jersey i currently hold a class B license I need of a opportunity like driving around the world my contact information is d.ellie22@hotmail.com looking for your respond thank you and god bless.