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RV Prices And Costs

As a fulltime RVer, I split my time between longterm stays in RV parks and living off the grid in my RV. Here, I'm comparing off-grid RV living & on-grid RV camping.

RVers share personal experiences & tips for renting an RV. What you can expect when you rent, RV rental costs & fees, where to rent an RV near you, and more

Here's what I learned firsthand about RV windshield replacement cost vs. RV windshield repair cost - after I experienced a cracked windshield in my 1993 motorhome.

Before you buy an RV, you should know what your trade-in is worth, and what the RV you're interested in buying is worth. Here's how to determine RV prices and values.

If you haven't had much exposure to the RV lifestyle before, then you're probably wondering what Class A, B, and C are all about. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 RV types.

RV values are affected by more than just mileage and condition. The economy, local buying habits, even where you live will all have an impact on the true RV values. This video shows how RV dealers give themselves plenty of room for negotiation, when it comes to setting RV values.

RVers sitting in their newly remodeled RV. photo by by terrybone on Flickr

Rather than accepting the quick depreciation that comes with buying a new RV, why not buy a used RV and remodel it to suit your tastes? The money savings alone can be substantial!

For those on a small budget, a teardrop or other lightweight RV trailer is an excellent option.

By looking at all aspects of the RV lifestyle ahead of time, when it comes time to sign the contract on that new RV your decision will be based on a clear understanding of the types of expenses associated with RVing as a whole.