Buying A New Or Used RV? Here’s How To Determine True RV Values


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Looking at buying a secondhand RV?

Do you really have an accurate idea of what it’s worth?

Determining actual RV values is a tricky business.

RV pricing guides are only modestly useful — because RV values fluctuate up and down so much due to the economy.

I’ve spent decades in the RV industry, and I’ve got some tips that will help you determine RV values…


Things That Affect Used RV Resale Value

Beyond mileage and overall condition, there are many things that can affect the actual value of your RV:

  • Is your local RV dealer’s lot filled with excessive inventory?
  • What’s the economy in your area like? Is anybody buying RVs at all?
  • Is your RV a popular make and model? Are people looking for what you have?
  • If you plan on selling it at the end of your driveway, do you have plenty of traffic passing by?

These and other factors can impact what your RV is really worth.

For starters, explore this list of the Top 10 Things That Increase RV Resale Value, followed by this list of 10 Things That Decreased Used RV Values.


How RV Dealers Determine Used RV Prices

Another useful way to determine your RV’s actual value is to compare your RV camper to similar RVs that are already available for sale.

Just remember, an RV that’s for sale isn’t the same as one that actually sold — so if RVs have been sitting on the lot for a while, they may be overpriced for the current market.

This short video gives you an idea of how RV dealers price their RVs.  Don’t believe the price in the window; it means practically nothing when it comes to true RV values.


The Bottom Line

You can find out how much your RV is worth using online tools.

However, regardless of the dollar figure that’s listed for your RV camper…

When you get right down to it, your RV is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it!

A used RV will command the highest price possible only if the original owner took good care of it and didn’t neglect routine cleaning and maintenance.

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