A List Of Clever Uses For Spring Clamps While Camping & RVing

See why I think a cheap set of spring clamps are the RVer’s equivalent to a Swiss army knife. Here’s my list of clever uses for spring clamps while RVing and camping — from making a DIY camper awning to holding curtains open, keeping your dog safe while setting up camp, and drying a few items on a camping clothesline. There are SO many ways to use spring clamps in and around the RV!

RV Awning Tips: How To Avoid Damage In High Winds

High wind and RV awnings are a bad combination. Awnings just can’t stand up to a good stiff breeze. Here are some tips to make your RV awning last longer, plus tricks to prevent damage in high winds.

Must-Have RV Equipment That Won’t Be Included With Your New RV

When you pick up your new RV the dealer will include a complimentary starter kit to get you off on the right foot into the RV lifestyle. Unfortunately this is but the tip of the iceberg in RV equipment and accessories that are essential. Here’s the rest of the list.

FREE High Performance RV & Trailer Cleaners

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