The Hottest New RV: Sprinter Van Based Class B RVs

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The price of gas and economic backsliding has opened up one bright spot in the RV world.  Van-based, Class B RVs have become more and more popular.

With only one brand having made the transition to a full stand-up interior height, the Dodge Sprinter Van is taking over the market.

Powered by Mercedes-Benz, and manufactured by both Freightliner and Dodge, the Sprinter Van offers fuel economy the others can only dream about.



Without extreme body modifications (which is always good from a safety point-of-view), the Sprinter Van provides full stand-up headroom.

All this makes for an excellent base vehicle readily adapted to a fully appointed Class B motorhome.

Manufacturers have taken notice, because sales of large ocean liner like Class A motorhomes have dropped off considerably.

Many people are looking for something easier to drive and that takes up less space.

RV travel is still a big business, but the consuming public is looking to do it in a more cost-effective way.

A fully decked out Sprinter Van is one way you can travel in style and comfort, with all the amenities of a much larger RV.


Roadtrek Adventurous RV

Dodge Sprinter has become the base vehicle that many new Class B RVs are built from.

By taking fuel economy to new heights while providing full stand up interior headroom, the Dodge Sprinter is likely to become a very popular RV.

RV companies like Roadtrek, a well-known Canadian  manufacturer, now offer RVs that get as much as 24 mpg (imperial) while still maintaining a full range of amenities and comfort items.


Though the Sprinter is priced well above the standard American-made cargo van, the longevity provided from the 154 hp diesel engine under the hood will offset much of that expense.

The Roadtrek Adventurous, sure beats living in a van down by the river.