RV Mats & Rugs: Must-Haves For Every RV!

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Standard equipment in most RV travel trailers and motorhomes is an RV broom — because no matter where you set up camp, you will inevitably have to deal with sand, gravel, pine needles, and leaves that get tracked in on the bottom of shoes.

A good RV welcome mat will help to eliminate most of the dirt and grime that would otherwise find its way into your RV kitchen or living room area.


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Without a doubt, every RV needs a doormat placed at the main entrance where everyone enters and exits the vehicle.

Simply put, RV mats keep the outdoors out… and the inside clean!

Whether the floor of your RV is carpeted or not doesn’t matter. A welcome mat placed outside the door of your RV is still a basic necessity.

For example, if your RV is carpeted, keeping the outdoors outside where it belongs will greatly add life to your carpet.

And if your RV floor is tile, the less you have to use that trusty RV broom the better!

Tips For Choosing Decorative RV Mats

you-are-here-doormat.jpg You have many options when it comes to choosing an RV mat for your front door.

For example, you might want to pick a doormat that matches the type of RV you drive.

  • This Airstream welcome mat would look great at the door of your shiny aluminum travel trailer.
  • If camping in the deep woods is to your liking, maybe rustic doormats with a moose or bear scene on them would be more appropriate.  Plus, the same rustic backwoods theme can be used throughout your entire RV. These are my personal favorite.  For me, being in the woods is what RVing all about.
  • Most of us have a favorite sports team or two. Welcome mats with sports teams on them tend to be conversation pieces. When people come by your RV for the first time, they will likely comment about your favorite team, or sports in general.
  • Some like to include their name or initials on a personalized doormat.  That way, no one coming to your door will feel like a stranger.
  • A number of RVers actually work while on the road, operating businesses from their RVs even while they are staying at an RV resort or campground.  In that case, you may want to advertise your business by laying out a welcome mat that has your company logo on it. This lets people know what you’re all about.
  • Many different themes or activities can be displayed on a decorative welcome mat.  Whatever your personal interests or activities, it’s fun trying to find a welcome mat that exhibits your personality, hobbies or recreational interests.
  • Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be flashy or make a statement with your RV welcome mat.  If you prefer to be more understated about your interests and activities, then just about any type, size or style of doormat will do a great job at protecting the interior of your RV.

With all these choices in RV mats, being able to protect the interior of your RV is the easy part. Making the choice as to which design  best matches your personality may take a bit more effort. It’s time to call a family meeting to decide on the best RV doormat for your lifestyle!