Give Your Old RV A Facelift: Replace The RV Furniture

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removing-rv-furniture-by-j2davis2005.jpg Exposure to sun and heat will rapidly age your RV furniture.

Long periods of outdoor storage allow ultraviolet rays to destroy fabrics by fading them and making them brittle.

They will likely start splitting and falling apart, the moment you sit down.

Here are a few tips for repairing or replacing RV furniture:


Much of the furniture in less-expensive RVs is built as part of the RV structure.  Therefore, ordering an exact replacement may not even be an option.

Bradd and Hall’s Frequently Asked Questions can guide you in making the best decision for your particular situation.

When I’ve remodeled older RVs, I’ve always chosen household furniture over RV furniture.  Cost being my main issue, household furniture is a lot cheaper than RV furniture.


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    1. through the front door. The RVs I have remodeled I have been able to go right through the door. Yes some have much smaller doors and Tighter quarters so in some instances you may have to remove the largest window and come in that way. Is all a question of what you have to deal with. It Is not always possible in all RVs to bring in large pieces of furniture.

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