How To Keep Loose RV Furniture From Flying When You Hit The Brakes


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The first remodeling task my wife insists upon each time we purchase a used RV is to remove the dinette, and often times most of the other RV furniture too.

This is no joke, I’ve done it 3 times so far.

In many instances, the poor quality combination bed/furniture in used RVs is well worn and in need of improvement.

Repairing or replacing RV furniture is expensive, and in my mind it’s just not cost-effective.

My wife likes to rearrange the furniture now and then, making the RV seem more like a home. Our preference is to replace the RV furniture with normal household furniture.

The trick is, how do you secure loose furniture so it doesn’t become a missile, flying forward every time you hit the brakes?

By purchasing furniture that just fits in your slideouts, in some instances there is nowhere for it to go when the walls are sucked in for travel.

That was the case for us — because with slideouts on both sides they came together in the middle when retracted.

Since we prefer the flexibility of not having the furniture bolted down, we use bungee cords to secure things to the wall.

With eye bolts screwed into the wall and blankets used to prevent scratches, loose RV furniture will stay in place.

For more permanent installation, simple metal brackets can be purchased from any hardware store. Use them to secure your RV furniture to the floor.

This video has some great tips for replacing a dinette with table and chairs:


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