RV Camping Accessories: Must-Haves For Your RV Campsite

by Curtis

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rv-campsite.jpgLike every other hobby or pastime, it’s often the accessories that make the experience enjoyable.

Over the past 40 years, there have been a few items that I have found I won’t leave home without whenever I’m RVing.

Many of these RV accessories have been with me for years and likely will last a lifetime — well beyond the expected life of our current RV.

RV’s come and go, but certain accessories will be with me forever.

When I first started camping as a young man, the 1-room tent was standard fair.  Although uncomfortable, it was economical and a good way to get involved in overnight outdoor activities.

We also got accustomed to doing our cooking outdoors, and I’ve continued the practice to this day.  For me, the rustic atmosphere of a campfire and outdoor food preparation is what camping is all about!

To accommodate outdoor cooking, a few accessories were added that have followed me throughout the years providing faithful service.

The following RV camping accessories are must-haves for your RV campsite…


Best RV Camping Accessories

Originally, I owned the old Coleman hand pump white gas cook stove.  As faithful as it was, I moved up to a 3-burner propane camp stove in the early 70’s.  This stove has been everywhere and has cooked everything from eggs and bacon for breakfast to homemade beef stew for supper.  To this day, it is the first accessory to be pulled out of the RV’s storage compartment when we set up camp.

Of course, you also need something to set your stove on, and giving up valuable picnic table space may not be an option.  I purchased a Coleman fold-up table about 20 years ago that looks like new to this day.  It serves multiple purposes.  Sometimes I cook on it. Other times we use it as our dining table.

Buying those small green throwaway propane canisters is both expensive and not eco-friendly.  Instead, I have a 12-foot propane extend-a-hose that allows us to run our portable stove off the RV’s propane tanks.  I also use this adapter to run our portable gas grill, which accompanies our portable stove.

Cast iron cookware is a must when you’re RV camping.  It’s tough, it will hold up to cooking over an open fire, and it adds that Old West flare to your cookout.  Plus, it cooks better.  Cast iron will evenly disperse the heat better than any other type of cookware.  I love my cast iron griddle for making breakfast, and steaks get those perfect sear marks when you cook them on a ribbed griddle.  If you’re starting from scratch with all-new RV cookware, you might want to invest in a set of cast iron pots and pans.

rv-camping-with-campfire.jpgNow that you have the stew simmering over a glowing bed of coals in your campfire, your own personal comfort should be your next priority.  A good quality chair is a must.  Avoid those cheap fold-into-a-bag chairs.  They never hold up very long.  Same goes for a folding lawn chair from a discount store.  What you want is a chair that will let you recline in comfort or sit in a more upright position.  Look for a chair that’s built to last.  There are a variety of reclining outdoor chairs on the market.  Shop around and find the best quality for the best price.

My wife and I enjoy listening to Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion which plays Saturday evenings on Public Radio.  We listen to the oldies from the 60’s and 70’s too.  Plus it’s a good idea to have a radio around that will pickup the NOAA weather alerts as well.  A good multi-band emergency radio is definitely a must-have for every RV camping family.

With all of these wonderful RV camping accessories, you’ll be ready to put on your “Kiss the Cook” Apron and make your family proud.  After all, camping is all about the ambiance, just as much as it’s about the cuisine!

What are some of the must-haves at your RV campsite?…