How To Fix Leaking RV Toilets

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leaking-rv-toilet-by-pmarkham.jpgIf your RV toilet is leaking, here’s what to check first:

Fortunately, parts are readily available to rebuild most RV toilets.


Sometimes It’s Better To Buy A New Toilet

Keep in mind that plastic RV toilets are not all that expensive to buy new.

And since you usually have to remove the toilet first in order to do any necessary repairs, it often makes more sense to just replace it

Especially if you go to an RV dealer to have the work done, then it will probably be cheaper in the end to replace your RV toilet instead of repairing it — once labor and parts are figured in.

Installing a toilet is a do-it-yourself RV project that can save you $150 in labor — as long as you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty!


RV Plastic Toilets vs Porcelain Toilets

What if you’re just tired of the toilet in your motorhome being plastic and chincy? Can the toilet be upgraded?

Yes, your RV toilet can easily be replaced with a porcelain toilet like those used in residential homes. In addition to the added weight of a porcelain toilet, the biggest downside is the amount of water that it uses with each flush. A traditional RV toilet is much more economical on water usage.

It’s just as simple as changing out the toilet in your home, with these 2 differences:

1. RV toilets are held in place by 2 bolts — often located front and back (unlike your home toilet which has bolts on the sides).

2. RV toilets use a rubber o-ring instead of a wax seal.



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2 thoughts on “How To Fix Leaking RV Toilets

  1. Following your directions on fixing a leaking toilet–it’s leaking on te top of the holding tank. I have 4 bolts holding the toilet. When I turn the nuts the bolt turns. Can’t get at it from underneath. Any ideas? It’s a Sealand.

  2. Ted, This link  takes you to a variety of Sealand parts breakdown pages.  If the bolts turn try holding the exposed part of the bolt with vice grips and loosen the nuts as far as you can.  Then reclamp the vise grips below the nuts and continue.  If this is impossible you may have to cut them off with a small hack saw.  Replacement bolts are listed in the breakdown. 

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