RV Level 4: This Simple RV Leveling System Is A Better Way To Level Your RV

by Curtis

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In the past couple years, I have looked at a number of ways that most any RV can be set up to be as level as possible.

Success! After using an RV leveling system.

First, let’s look at the practical reasons why having your RV level is important:

  1. Your RV must be level for your refrigerator to function properly. There’s a small amount of wiggle room — but if you’re not close to perfectly level, the ammonia mixture will not circulate properly and the fridge will not cool sufficiently.
  2. Your equilibrium can be adversely affected if your floor is even slightly slanted.
  3. Making a cake in the oven is impossible, if the oven isn’t level.
  4. If you suffer from acid reflux, having the head of your bed at a negative angle will cause you a sleepless night for sure.

I’ve found that the RV Level 4 will help you take care of all these issues with ease.

The RV Level 4 is a no-frills RV leveling system that is quick and easy to use.


RV Leveling App vs. Old School RV Leveling

I’ll be honest, when the folks at Made By Joe asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their new RV Level 4, I was hesitant.

Any fancy new electronic device will have a hard row to hoe to convince me that it surpasses the economical simplicity and accuracy of an inexpensive bullseye level placed right behind the latch on the hitch of a travel trailer.

A closeup of a bullseye level on my RV trailer hitch.

For me, the key to a successful electronic leveling product is to make it easy-peasy to install and set up. Fortunately, RV Level 4 has made this a plug-and-play situation that is pretty much foolproof!


Using The RV Level 4

The first step is make your RV level — so that the RV Level 4 unit has a reference point to go from.

Usually, I set a round bubble level on the hitch of my trailer as a judge of level.

However, for this installation, after getting that point level I went a step further. I placed the bubble level on my stovetop — because when I saute, I want the olive oil to spread evenly in the pan instead of pooling to one side.

A bullseye level sitting on my RV stovetop.


4 Big Reasons This RV Leveling System Is Better Than Others

Comparing other RV leveling systems to the Made By Joe RV level indicator, here’s what I like best about the RV Level 4:


#1 – RV Level 4 has answered my biggest concern from other brands of electronic leveling devices. There are no batteries — that’s a big deal to me.

Previous brands required specialized batteries that are not always easily available. Worse yet, the batteries went dead after just a few weeks.

RV Level 4 uses a USB port to supply power to the unit. These are standard in most new RVs. Or, for a few bucks, you can buy a USB adapter that plugs into a standard 12-volt power port.


#2 – Another issue for me with RV leveling products is compatibility of the app, and how easy it is to use.

Other brands require changing your phone settings in order for their unit to function properly. Not so with the RV Level 4 — I downloaded the app and it worked perfectly… immediately.

The instruction manual that comes with this RV leveling system is minimal at best — it’s a simple business card with a total of 3 steps of instructions. Yes, it’s really that straightforward. The app is pretty straightforward too — but there are more detailed instructions included in the app to guide you in use and adjustment.


#3 – There is a small dome on the RV Level 4 with a small square hole in it.

The instructions indicate that you need to press the switch inside this dome for the unit to calibrate.

My first thought was that this is a bit hokey — but using a wooden toothpick to complete the task showed me that, indeed, there is a decent switch in there which is protected by the dome.

In my opinion, this calibration switch is yet another “better than the other guy” innovation.


#4 – RV Level 4 can be set to be extremely sensitive — with accuracy down to 1/10th of an inch.

This is a bit extreme to me. I found the numbers indicating how much to adjust would bounce around too much for my liking — so I lessened the sensitivity to a point where these old eyes could keep up.

More helpful are the green bars indicating level for both side-to-side and front-to-back. When the bars light, up you’re golden.

There are red arrows to indicate which way you need to move to make any adjustment to reach level.


The Bottom Line…

RV Level 4 rv leveling appAchieving perfect level with your RV is something different for each person.

When it comes to electronic devices such as RV Level 4, you can reach a level of accuracy that a simple bubble level placed on the hitch of your trailer just can’t match.

There is no need to take multiple measurements. You don’t even need to leave the driver’s seat of your truck or motorhome — with bluetooth connectivity, your cell phone guides you to perfect level as you drive in your campsite.

When compared to the other brands, RV Level 4 is:

  • Easier to use
  • More reliable
  • Less expensive